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  1. Hi snoshoe guy, Ill try that too, I can easily run the return line from the splitter to the axle return port. I bought the QD's from Amazon they seem decent and plug into the IH pioneer couplings without a problem. I did confirm the splitter does not have its own relief. I cant figure out why the coupler would work fine and then check then the cylinder bottoms out but I'm going to try it. Thanks, Mike
  2. Hey Jimb2 guy, I'm going to check out the valve info you sent. I bought the tractor from a farmer in Prescot Wisconsin so I suspect you are right about the US valve config. Thanks for the info! Mike
  3. Hi yellowrosefarm guy, My valve has 4 positions. The top position has detent so it seems to stay put until it senses pressure (when it senses pressure it pops out even when bungee is on the handle), and in this position when I have the bungee on it the handle actually hits the sheet metal on the tractor so it cant move any further. After reading your post last week I even tried putting a wood dowel between the handle and the sheet metal to stop it from moving upward but it had no effect. To me it seems like the splitter valve has just enough pressure drop to make the tractor valve act up. Next I'm going to put my power beyond sleeve in my loader valve, and run the pressure hose to the splitter valve. Ill tee the return line from the splitter to the loader return that is connected under the right rear axle. When I'm not using the splitter I will loop a short hose from the PB port to the return line so I don't deadhead the hydraulics. It seems like a PIA to do this but running from the splitter to the tractor is also a PIA and its heating up and shearing the oil. Like I said it works now but you have to babysit the dang thing. That log was hard maple about 16" diameter and it burned right through it. Thanks! Mike
  4. Hi Jimb2, That's ok I appreciate the help. I do have the handle locks on mine I'll give that a try next time I have a chance. The locks for some reason don't reach the top position (I'm sure that's for good reason). So Ill have to put it in the lower position and swap the hoses to the splitter. Thanks, Mike
  5. There's nothing that looks like a check valve block I can see on the rear of the tractor. I doesn't seem to me that there is much play in the lever/spool. I also should have mentioned that I tried it on both sets of hydraulics and it does exactly the same thing.
  6. Hello, Reporting back on this. When the splitter is hooked up to rear hydraulics and I bungee the control lever upwards the splitter works. The problem occurs if the splitter cylinder bottoms out in the extend position. When this happens something shifts and the system starts running over the relief valve (the lever doesn't move out of position). I can clear it by pulling the lever back into float position and then back to the forward bungee position. I believe doing this dumps the pressure and resets something. I can run like this but it seems like there is maybe a bad valve, broken spring, or something isn't set correctly in MCV manifold. Ill add that it happens occasionally when I retract the splitter cylinder as well. Its a typical splitter valve where you can lock it back and it shifts to center when it bottoms out. Thanks for looking. Mike
  7. I was having the same problem. If the back pressure on the splitter got too high the remote valve would kick out to some closed position and dead head. It didn't make sense to me why this would happen. In my mind if the valve kicks out it should go back to the center position which is open. I didn't get a chance to spend a lot of time on it but I'll be back at it this weekend. I see the picture of the stop you installed to keep this from happening. I think I'll try this. Thanks!
  8. Jimb2, and all, I think trying the remotes again is the answer. Now I realize what I did wrong. I was using the valve in the upward position and that position has the pressure sensing feature. I'll try it this weekend and report back. I attached a couple pictures of the beast. Thanks for the advice! Mike
  9. Hello, Thinking if I plug into the loader valve pressure and return lines that go to the loader cylinders, and tie the loader lever back to allow flow I could use this to go to the splitter. This way the return oil from the splitter is going back to tank through the loader valve. Yes I have 2 sets of rear remotes and I tried using these. I can get it to work like this but the problem is the rear remotes are pressure sensing and they click off when the splitter see's a load. Thanks, Mike
  10. Hello- I've been researching this for a few weeks now and have seen some really good advise and some (in my opinion) not so good advise. I have an 884 with a 2250 loader, with a Gresen 2 spool control valve. I managed to find a power beyond sleeve for the Gresen valve. Plan A, Use the power beyond sleeve and run a hose from that to my splitter valve. My question if I do this where is the best place to connect the tank line of the splitter valve. I'm thinking I could tee into the return line of the Gresen valve with a QD. When I'm not using the splitter I could loop a hose from the PB port to the tank line. Plan B, Disconnect the the QD's on the bucket lift and hook these up to the splitter valve an tie the handle back. I'm not crazy about this but seems like the easiest way to do it. Thanks, Mike
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