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  1. Been around six or seven times and all siding that could have had the plate didn't.
  2. It's missing the grille and has a huge toolbox covering most of the back. PTO appears to run loader. Most of the rest of our photos just look like....an engine....because there's so many panels gone/on the ground where we found it. These are the only photos I could get with identification. Video: https://photos.app.goo.gl/Bzcz2sHTzPkXqbmR9
  3. Oh my gosh! You're right I'm sorryšŸ¤£ here's the machine photos, I guess I was real tired. Here's a photo of her hauled out of the swamp. Yes she was in a swamp. Don't know how it's still intact and turns over. @jeeper61 @brahamfireman
  4. Here to add I'm pretty sure it's an 88 of some kind but can't find any real ID as this is our first oliver.
  5. Hello all! Our 706 has been dominating the hayfields and we have found and old oliver that turns over! New project timešŸ¤£ But before we can help the poor girl I gotta know what she is and I am not having any luck due to a sheer number of missing panels. Any help appreciated! Known: Oliver 1940-1970? Gas system, electric start Photos attached of all remaining numbers. First on loader, the second on the left hand side of the engine. Thanks for the non-IH help in advance. The other forum was having issues letting me post!
  6. No wait...I love this. It's awesome actually. This is what we need.
  7. Guys, my tie rod is stuck on. No fork in the world is gonna save this. Can I heat it? What do I do here? I've tried every method I can think of logically without damaging any adjoining pieces. I don't think I can get a center steering arm anywhere quickly or I'd say screw it and replace the whole dang thing.
  8. Have you ever tried mowing an orchard with a side pull haybinešŸ˜‚šŸ„²
  9. An inherited one, but the 3pt would likely do more for us than just that but that would be it's biggest use. Lot of 3pt equipment is super cheap around here, We were looking at a sickle blade mower that would be an awesome addition to our small haying op, so on and so forth really. I think it's because of the size of our operation, since we mainly do 2-4 acres at a time and some orchards.
  10. I really likes some of these when I saw them, see previous comment but it doesn't need to do much. Do you think it would pull a rake for 20 acres unscathed? That's our year about. We do specialty small haying, and our rake is 6 ft and weighs maybe a couple hundred pounds at worst. Our PTO takes the brunt of it, because we pull around a 488 haybine
  11. This is why I would lean towards an adapter I think. All that work for what? Something a chain could almost do? It seems there are adapters that could bolt on and run off our current hydraulics (sounds like cheatingšŸ˜‚) but I have to look some more. Basically we really love the concept of a 3 point and have some light work for it but in all reality, we only do 20 acres a year and just need it to pull a rakešŸ„²
  12. We are able and ready to split apart this tractor for a 3pt if we can find the whole piece in a box somewhere used even, as it would in the long run expand the utility of this tractor a lot. Ideally only to really actually pull a hayrake as it would mean one tractor instead of two on the field. This is pretty well our do it all tractor save for the lack of a 3pt. We borrow about $3000 of equipment in a year, so I feel it could pay for itself quickly. Hopefully y'all can help me keep an eye out, since you guys know better than me what I'm actually looking for. Cab coming off could be less of a problem provided it can go back on after (not in the way of the functioning unit) and the tires are coming off after our pressure wash regardless. Necessary? Absolutely not. But it would be a huge plus. And I have to replace the range housing thing but you say these pieces could come off another model? And then obviously the actual 3pt pieces, which I actually could be able to get aftermarket for a couple hundred bucks, long as they fit an 806.
  13. We are gonna pressure wash today, and then I'll add photos of what seems to actually be leaking. We would like to install a 3-point hitch on the back and my boyfriend said it even has the place to put it, that being said I can't find one and am not sure which others would fit? From photos is anyone able to tell what I should be looking for?(an adapter, a hitch off another tractor, a complete 3pt conversion kit?)
  14. Hi all! You guys were incredibly helpful last time I posted and a couple people encouraged me to take more photos, and more details. I have taken photos of all around as well as a couple problem spots that are accumulating oil(s), marked by blue. Small leaks, very slow but would like to seal. Apologies for some of the angles, I could not get close enough to the ground or on the sides. So far I'm wondering the exact type of tractor this is (standard, row crop, how to tell difference?) It has the serial no 5098SY on it. And the year. I'm also looking for any links to (the right) schematics as I've only been able to find a handful, and part numbers and/or replacement numbers. I've phoned a few scrap yards around to see about used parts but for some things I am definitely leaning towards aftermarket. A center steering arm and the bushings for it have been my main struggle so far. Follow this post,if you are interested in helping out or also have one as I'll post any further comments or questions in this thread.
  15. Hear me out... The wheel wobble is only on the highway. I also like the feel of the narrow tires in about any ground type as I find them incredibly difficult to get stuck. Mucky ground up here. How are the narrow ones on the road? Should we invest in hauling the tractor to the shop and stuff to save it being on the road? I was considering a set of wider tires and rims just in case and keep them around.
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