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  1. I will take pics in the morning but can say the whole cab can bolt off it seems? The closest I could find was on a Minneapolis Moline and it indeed has an AC unit in the top- starlings found a nice nesting place up there this summer. This is where I was presented with issues as no standard unit I found had an AC like you'd said. Could fender her, as we plan a cosmetic restoration as well. I think it'd make a nice lawn ornament either way, but was wondering what it'd make if I were to put it up for sale. Thanks.
  2. Thank you!! Sorry for not being clear enough. I can't find another one from that year with a working heat and AC cab unit on it. Ours comes off as a whole piece, and I don't even know if that is the standard.
  3. Bullseye. And I've seen a ton of range and a lot depends on condition obviously, but something with a cab has been hard to find to compare (theyre all different) I'm located in western Canada, in BC. Absolutely a beautiful place to live and for hayland. It is not for sale if I should clarify as we are still amid repairs and won't sell a pieced apart machine. The cab with heat/Ac has really got me stumped though, I cannot find a similar one in similar condition! I was hoping someone had seen them around. Thanks to those giving me the benefit of the doubt, if you've read any of my past posts this would be my first machine and first total restoration. Learning as I go! Thanks.
  4. Hi everyone! Simple question today, just wondering what everyone would list/pay for our machine so far so I can see how the project is going! Edited for clarity: machine not for sale, i am just new to the values of older things! It's a 1966 706 international with the "deluxe" cab setup (heat/AC), fresh set of decent tires ($3500)and has had hydraulic hoses redone recently as well.($450) It sputters a small bit upon starting but our next repair is a head gasket refresh and we think that is the issue. Will be replacing asap. We have also fixed up exhaust manifold (it kept falling out) and stopped random leakage all over the place. Edit: there are 9000 hrs on it Aside from that there is minimal rust and none penetrating the frame, and a broken lower window that we would replace for the new owner (the air is nice) and needs an interior update. Could use a coat of paint but it is not very rusty yet! Snow preventing me from taking and good recent photos. If you need extra details I can provide. Older photo provided. You guys saved us about $2000 on a repair just from a photo of parts that weren't yet on the machine this year! Y'all were right they were not the right one. This is part of the reason I hate buying parts or trying to learn as a woman, they straight up just sold me two random parts that looked similar to what I had showed them with the right paint job. And all six mechanics still told me I was wrong until I showed them.
  5. Been around six or seven times and all siding that could have had the plate didn't.
  6. It's missing the grille and has a huge toolbox covering most of the back. PTO appears to run loader. Most of the rest of our photos just look like....an engine....because there's so many panels gone/on the ground where we found it. These are the only photos I could get with identification. Video: https://photos.app.goo.gl/Bzcz2sHTzPkXqbmR9
  7. Oh my gosh! You're right I'm sorryšŸ¤£ here's the machine photos, I guess I was real tired. Here's a photo of her hauled out of the swamp. Yes she was in a swamp. Don't know how it's still intact and turns over. @jeeper61 @brahamfireman
  8. Here to add I'm pretty sure it's an 88 of some kind but can't find any real ID as this is our first oliver.
  9. Hello all! Our 706 has been dominating the hayfields and we have found and old oliver that turns over! New project timešŸ¤£ But before we can help the poor girl I gotta know what she is and I am not having any luck due to a sheer number of missing panels. Any help appreciated! Known: Oliver 1940-1970? Gas system, electric start Photos attached of all remaining numbers. First on loader, the second on the left hand side of the engine. Thanks for the non-IH help in advance. The other forum was having issues letting me post!
  10. No wait...I love this. It's awesome actually. This is what we need.
  11. Guys, my tie rod is stuck on. No fork in the world is gonna save this. Can I heat it? What do I do here? I've tried every method I can think of logically without damaging any adjoining pieces. I don't think I can get a center steering arm anywhere quickly or I'd say screw it and replace the whole dang thing.
  12. Have you ever tried mowing an orchard with a side pull haybinešŸ˜‚šŸ„²
  13. An inherited one, but the 3pt would likely do more for us than just that but that would be it's biggest use. Lot of 3pt equipment is super cheap around here, We were looking at a sickle blade mower that would be an awesome addition to our small haying op, so on and so forth really. I think it's because of the size of our operation, since we mainly do 2-4 acres at a time and some orchards.
  14. I really likes some of these when I saw them, see previous comment but it doesn't need to do much. Do you think it would pull a rake for 20 acres unscathed? That's our year about. We do specialty small haying, and our rake is 6 ft and weighs maybe a couple hundred pounds at worst. Our PTO takes the brunt of it, because we pull around a 488 haybine
  15. This is why I would lean towards an adapter I think. All that work for what? Something a chain could almost do? It seems there are adapters that could bolt on and run off our current hydraulics (sounds like cheatingšŸ˜‚) but I have to look some more. Basically we really love the concept of a 3 point and have some light work for it but in all reality, we only do 20 acres a year and just need it to pull a rakešŸ„²
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