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  1. Found a matching 60 amp meter. Will hit up tractor supply this week to see what they have for ignition switches. Will pick up some 8 gauge. After the gauge do I run it to the battery or can I run it to the positive on the starter? Where do I move the other two wires from the voltage regulator?
  2. I couldn't find specs for the switch either. I can pick up another or get a kill switch for the push button.
  3. I have a new set of back lit 12 volt aftermarket gauges.
  4. Missed one of the questions. I want the gauge to show that it's charging. I used the 4g wire on the alternator because I had extra when I ran a new line from the battery to the starter. Can change it if it's too big.
  5. It's a clark p/n 2394129. Google says it's for a forklift.
  6. The jumper was on the wrong post. Changed it. #1 post will get a led indicator. It's an AC Delco gold 334-2114 3 wire. I'm going a little thick and all copper with new wires. Will get key switch info in a bit.
  7. Not sure how to delete my other post. I think I have most of this figured out. I have changed the regulated 12 volt generator with a self regulated alternator. I'm wondering what to do with the fused green wire that goes from the regulator (L) to the light switch (BAT). I'm guessing (+) on the starter or(ACC) on the key switch. The light gray wire that goes from the regulator (BAT) to the amp gauge (-). I'm guessing ground or one of the non + posts on the starter. The orange from the push button to the starter solenoid (R). Not really sure what the push button is for. I'm guessingit was to start it with the original kill switch. I have mapped all the existing wires in the picture that is attached. Feel free to ask any questions.
  8. Additional information. I got a new set of gauges. They all have a male terminal on the back that the originals do not have. I'm guessing they are a (+) contact to light them up. There are no lights on it currently. Will be installing some in the future. Any questions feel free to ask.
  9. I'm in the process of rewiring my 460 and switching from a 12 volt generator to an alternator. Alternator is in. Jumper from positive to terminal 1 and 4g ran from positive will go to the positive on the starter and then to the battery. The ignition was changed before I got it. They left me a rats nest of wires. Several are not connected to anything. Marked with a circle and slash. Unknowns with a (?). I'm looking to remove the voltage regulator and get things right and tight. I'm mechanically inclined but electrical isn't my best. Trying to figure out what to eliminate and what I should be adding.
  10. Anyone know a way to reconnect the orafice screen to the orafice in a safety/ regulator? I'm working on my 460 utility. Removed the orafice to check the screen. The screen crushed and separated. A new one is around 200$. Not trying to spend that much.
  11. I ended up opening the valves. It looks like old damage. It was rebuilt and they added a gasket instead of replacing the cap.
  12. What would cause this bulging at the back of the valve? Is it normal?
  13. I just noticed there's a spot behind the clutch that has 3" of fluid in it. Is thereca way to drain it?
  14. There's a bunch of water and sludge in the hydraulics. I have gotten 13 gallons of water and what looks like melted neopolitin ice cream out of it sofar. I am able to remove panels to get the sludge from the front two compartments but not the 3rd. Is there something that is safe to spray in there to break it up to get it out of the drain? Or am I going to have to remove the big plate under the seat to get to it?
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