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  1. I totally agree with replacing it After all this work whats another $100 You"ll sleep easier knowing you don't have to tear apart that nicely redone tractor because you tried to save a Ben Franklin $$
  2. Ask for a GM alternator from 80's GM vehicles They are single wire I got mine from my local NAPA dealer and put it on my 354
  3. Thinking some more Before you throw another 100 into bearings I would shoot some pressured air into the crank journals for the rods I would think if air pressure is seen blowing out on other bearings it should be clear If the hole in the upper bearing is aligned You should be good I don't know if you have an electrical or mechanical oil gauge but I would definitely stick a mechanical one to where your at
  4. You have,nt mentioned any problem with the main bearings So I take it they are OK
  5. Wow! Frustrating !! You have done everything I would have done for sure The fact that bearings are welding together definitely indicates lack of oil Random rods is a head scratcher though It has to be in the feed from the block passages Has the block been boiled out or are you doing this in frame
  6. Sorry forgot to mention its a 354!!
  7. Hi Anybody ever taken the fan hub off the water pump to replace belts Looks like it screws off Just looking for the easiest way without breaking something and if its Let or Right hand thread Thanks
  8. Hi How do you raise the governor speed on a 354 with the British Engine I'm only at 1000 Would at least like to crank it up to 1500 Thanks in advance
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