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  1. Matt, that does appear to be the situation. I looked at the parts diagram online and can't seem to figure out a convenient access which is why I finally came here to see if anyone has been down this path before. I did see the wiring connectors to the bulkhead but also assuming that at least the tach appears to be cable/gear driven, that the steering wheel/column may need to be addressed and that the throttle may have to come off. But, I don't want to remove more than necessary to gain access. You are correct, it would have been so simple and minimal cost (particularly to replace bulbs) to have an easy access panel but it seems to have been omitted to save what $1 or $2 dollars?
  2. IHC_1470, this Case IH 885XL does have the cab. There is very little reach, at least for my hands, up under the dash b/c of the pedals and of course, standing on the steps and trying to get an angle to access just adds more fun to the contortion.
  3. I am working on a 1987 Case IH 885XL and slowing eliminating a punch list of items to be addressed. As of today, that punch list took me to the dash / instrument panel to replace the turn signal switch and to replace some bulbs. i got the steering wheel off and the Phillips screws from the side panels removed. However, I did not have much luck getting past that point with the removal of the dash or at least lifting it enough to get access to the items mounted and the bulbs. After a Google and Youtube search did not indicate what the next steps might be, I came here and searched the forums but did not get a good hit on the search terms. I hope perhaps someone has done or recalls what needs to be done to gain working access to that dash components.
  4. I will need to look (its in another state and I work on it on the weekends). I assume it is mounted to get structural support for pedal.
  5. Working on overhauling a Case IH 885XL (made in England, 1987 model per serial number). Here is the symptom - the AC / Heater fan stays on only as long as the clutch is depressed. Let off the clutch and the fan stops. Anyone experienced this? John
  6. Snoshoe, you are most likely right that I am over thinking it. I am used to have a correct wiring diagram in my hands and using a meter or test light but here that is not an option at this point. Thanks! I will likely order the turn signal switch as a starting point. John
  7. To add to this search, I created an account on the CaseIH website. I then selected UK as my region and drilled down until I found a parts catalogue for 885XL made up through 12/87. On page 4-200 for Bulkhead electronics it shows this and I noted TWO components in the UK parts that are not on the wiring diagrams being shared here. One is Component 1 labeled as a Bosch Flasher Unit Control and the other is Component 6 which is listed as a Flasher Unit Component 6
  8. Brian, Looking at the schematics you posted here is what I think I read: Component 1 - Lighting Switch: Showing a "WARN" setting where my lighting switch on the dash shows "hazard". The diagram connects it to wire Y-16. Tracing Y16 leads to Component 13: Component 13: listed as "Turn Indicator Switch": Shows B/LG-16 wire to Left Turn Indicator Component 15 and B/W-16 going to Component 16 Right Turn indicator Component 7 indicates it is the Rear Lamp Cutout Relay and I think it powers/controls the white rear working lights mounted at top rear of the cab in the color photo above. Other than perhaps 13, I don't see anything listed as a hazard relay and even #13 is not listed as such. But, it is the destination for the wire from the lighting Switch (#1) which has "WARN" by wire Y-16 to Component 13. The odd thing is that Component 13 does not show its internal schematic like the other components do so its not clear if its only a switch, as labeled, or if its a combo switch/relay/etc.
  9. E160BHM Thank you for those images. Based on the serial number this appears to be a 1987 and I am pretty sure that it is stamped made in England. Either way, the images you shared are helpful. What I find interesting is that on a tractor made from 1985-1990 that there seems to be several different wiring diagrams for the cab models.
  10. Adrewn269, thank you. That answer sent me looking for more wiring diagrams and parts manuals. I located the turn signal switch at Messicks. I can understand how the turn signal "flasher" circuit might run through the switch. Are there any other relays/switches or just the turn signal switch. This switch?
  11. I am having a similar problem, did this resolve it?
  12. I am working on what I am pretty sure is a 1987 year model Case IH 885XL. I am now trying to resolve some wiring and lighting issues that are either not working at all or are intermittent problems. For example, I was having a problem with the work lights on the cab as welling as the driving lights. After working my way through the wiring harness (without the aid of a good schematic) I finally seem to have those working. The problems seem to have been the bulkhead connectors in the engine compartment and also in the cab under the dash needed to be cleaned (contact cleaner), tightened slightly and adding some dielectric grease. At this point and after several hours of trying to trace wires and harnesses, that seems to have at least those lights working. But I still have lighting issues. The tractor cab has hazard/flashing lights visible to front and rear just above the doors on each side. There are also red taillights on the rear fenders. Borrowed this from another post: The lighting issues that I am working on now are: 1) Hazard lights (turning the light switch to the right of the steering column to the 1st position "Hazard") don't work at all. No light. No "clicking" that you would normally hear from a flasher relay. 2) Turn signal indicators. If activated to turn left or right, the orange lights outside on the appropriate side come on solid but do not blink. The green indicators in the dash do blink. 3) The red lights on the rear fenders don't work. I looked in the CASEIH parts catalogue at Messicks and it appears as follows: 1) The turn signal indicator on the left side of the dash is labeled as a "flasher unit" with part number 87271837. (See item 21 on Page 4-122 at https://www.messicks.com/cas/192892 ) 2) There are three relays (#12, #13 and #25 page 4-126 of the parts manual) part number 1983420C2 - two of which are near the fuse panel with no functional description and one of them is placed lower but still under the dash. I am not able to locate in the parts manual what looks like a typical flasher relay or hazard relay. Also, not having access to a wiring diagram makes it a little harder to track down this issue. By searching the internet I found a partial schematic but I am not sure that it matches the parts manual (it may not be the same year model 885) b/c it show at least three components involved - the light switch, the turn signal switch and a separate flasher relay that is indicated to be under the dash apparently near the bulkhead connector: If I was doing this on my truck, I would suspect the flasher relay. On this tractor, I suspect it has one but the source materials are confusing me. I am hoping someone has been down this path before and can clear it up. John Harris
  13. In looking at how the cab is put together and the parts diagrams on the Case website, I don't think I can get to attachment points for the roof to do a top down access without removing the headliner and other interior components
  14. I was working on the tractor this weekend and removed the large bolts on the loader frame enough to pry it out enough to read the plate and write the numbers down. Stupid design to put a VIN plate exactly where the factory loader frame would cover it up.
  15. I am working on the air conditioning on a 1987 Case IH 885 885XL. Down to replacing 2 hoses and the expansion value. I have removed the left side air vent from the headliner and can see the end of the evaporator, the expansion valve, the return line, etc, but they are tucked up in that opening. I am curious if the expansion valve, which is located in the top of the cab behind the controls, be replaced without removing the interior of the tractor that is, removing the AC control panel and what may be the entire headliner?
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