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    Cattle, horses, goats….basically anything that’ll give me a feed bill!

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  1. My goats, Fergie and J-lo, along with their brood, have brought rats onto the homeplace, rat blocks aren't working, best suggestions?
  2. Not exactly a fan of my name showing, didn't think that was going to be my screen name, there a way to change that?
  3. I feel this on the parts end a lot. I get it, farmers want the items they paid for, but I don't need to be screamed at over the phone. I am not the reason we have a steel and copper shortage right now. Thankfully there is a lot of understanding ones but those bitter ones about ruin your day.
  4. We have seen our signs of spring also - Phoebe!
  5. My father in law has a couple hundred head pair operation in Fort Pierre, South Dakota. I’ve raised a few calves from him that I’m quite proud of, Kiki and Millie to be exact. Here are a few pictures of us working them a bull that seems to think he’s a jumping horse… the 12 mile drive though our neighbor, Mr Ted Turner! my mare, Zena, she’s seen the years but she’s the best horse I’ve ever seen! electric brand Fall shots A moment of talking about why we do what we do a small glimpse of our herd kiki and Millie
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