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  1. I remember kicking the brake off on my grandpas H with a little flat bed trailer on and tractor rolling back down hill right toward the dump pit and the thing jackknifed and stopped right before going in the pit
  2. I grabbed battery and put it on the charger. I filed the points and then it fired right up but gas was left on and ignition was left on I am pretty sure my kids was playing on it last night lol
  3. Used tractor yesterday My ignition switch was left out over night went out today and battery is completely dead now it won’t start tried dragging it behind ranger and absolutely nothing
  4. Im from Thurston originally I live in Beemer now I have an alignment shop in Norfolk and I drive truck outta Wisner
  5. I’ve decided that I’m gonna try buffing it out but I’m gonna tape around what’s left of the old decals and then have it clear coated so that way it’ll have some level of protection we are gonna go completely through it and fix leaks and bearings and seals and the injection pump is starting to leak internally pretty bad it’s gonna get a new wire harness this one’s been cut and sliced a few to many times I’m gonna hag the steering wheel on my shop wall and this seat is pretty bad but it’s going to be used And with a little luck I’ll have it in Grand Island NE next year for RPRU thanks again I really enjoy everyone’s thoughts and opinions
  6. I also have this one but it has the wrong sheet metal and the number one hole has no compression but after all of these comments I’m thinking I’m gonna leave my family tractor alone and just do all the mechanical and fix the leaks and then repaint this one if my wife let’s me keep it lol These two tractors are only 10 serial numbers apart from each other This one came from the Pender NE area I don’t know anything about it’s history
  7. So I have been thinking about doing the paint on the frame and motor and rear but then leaving the tins Is this a dumb idea ps here are some more pictures The picture of the grille the little dent is where grandpa backed into it
  8. I sure do appreciate everybody’s thoughts and opinions. I’m still very up in the air I’ve got a short list of things to fix on it Some history on this tractor is my great uncle bought it brand new in northeast Nebraska he and my grandpa did everything together they were both very special men to me growing up. I spent every day on the farm with them. This tractor was used until it was semi retired and only used on a batch dryer or a gravity flow wagon. The only blemish is where my grandpa backed into it with a combine. When my great uncle passed in 1998 this tractor went to my uncle and it’s been in the back of the machine shed until a few moths ago when I got it. It was a bitter sweet day This tractor served its entire life on the same farm place until I loaded it up and brought it to my place and now I want what is best for it. So someday my sons and hopefully grand sons will have it to cherish it too. Any way I got a little long winded But I’m hoping to bring it to RPRU in Grand Island NE next year
  9. So I have an M-TA and it’s been in my family since it was brand new It is straight but not much red left lol and runs great it is a gas start diesel and it switches fantastically. I a getting ready to take it down and start the restoration process but I’m having a hard time starting they are only original once even in its working clothes
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