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  1. Youre talking the hydraulic pump from The quads In the back??? I have 0 experience on checking the pumps. I'm gonna have to wait till it gets warmer. It won't start now that it's sub zero..
  2. Poweshift 2 yeah, on level road. It ran fine. I'll definitely keep an eyeon it, whenever I got the time and money. Poweshift 1 and 3 was able to climb up the hill good. Like I said Chisel plowing and discing on Powershift 1. I think it should be fine. I'll probably check the pump until spring. It's outside and it won't start around this time now that it's back to subzero.
  3. Better than buying from the auction..... They greased it, filled oil and hytran and antifreeze. They made sure this 1270 is good before it goes. Yeah..... 32 years life on the farm. 100% of all the tractors that dad brought all started with issues especially the IH 1066. There's always one or another that comes up with issues. I'm not saying that you're suggestions are not useful. I find it very useful and helpful.... To fix it it all comes down to money which I don't have for now because I just brought it yesterday. But I believe myself it shouldn't be a problem chisel plowing and discing 14 acres with powershift 1.
  4. Never had a pressure check before. Can you show me how??. I drove 9.5 miles from the dealer to my farm. It ran fine so far. Haven't been stranded on the highway yet..... As I said. I noticed as I was climbing that gravel hill. The speed just dropped on 4th gear pwrshift 2. All the gears on Powershift 1 and 3 are good so far especially Reverse.. I figured since I'm not going anywhere with the 1270. Using mostly gear 2 and 3 on Powershift 1 on tillage. I figured it shouldn't be a big issue.
  5. Ive talked with a couple case 1370 guys. They haven't had issues except replacing the clutch once for 30yrs. Anyway The gears I chose for the types of tillage. I'm confident we should be fine as long as I don't use powershift 2. I've seen it before. every tractor is gonna have issues of its own. My 1066 the pump went out. Replaced it. Ran great. My farmall 140. transmission is not strong. Maintain it. Still cultivating for 4yrs.
  6. 4th gear powershift 2. Lost ground speed climbing a gravel hill. Ran fine on leveld ground. I'm only using powershift 1 for majority of the field work. I like that it has a locker petal to lock the rear wheels. Sadly it's not gonna go fast compared to my IH 1066. Gear 2 powershift 1. Pulling my 7 shank chisel plow, and gear 3 powershift 1. Pulling my 12 ft disc.
  7. Here's a pic of my new main workhorse.
  8. I know this is a Farmall and IH forum only. Just brought a ji case 1270. It's a whole different story compared to my IH 1066. As I was speeding it on the highway to my farm from the dealer at gear 4 powershift 2. Climbed up a hill and noticed it was losing speed and stopped. Was playing around with the Powershift and the gears. Gear 4 Powershift 3 I can climb up the hill way better compared to powershift 2. So far powershift 1 and 3 with all the gears are good so far. Any case experts know why powershift 2 is torqueless compared to powershift 1 and 3???
  9. I was thinking about getting a breaker bar instead of a Milwaukee impact gun.. they are expensive. If it's not necessary for an impact gun. I'll take your word... Besides I'm not taking the duals off... I'm leaving it permanently on
  10. Yeah. Was hoping red, white or silver on the duals. JD Yellow on the duals with decent tires. Can't complain.
  11. Thanks. Having duals can help me pull my 7 shank chisel easier in the cold wet fall. Definitely need it. It did ok last November. But can't go too deep in or the 1066 will just keep spinning until I set up the right height on the hydraulics..
  12. These are the actual wheels I'm Shipping. They stick out. I'm guessing couple inches between both sides of the tires..
  13. Thanks. I have a little more confidence mounting the hubs and duals with no regrets. My 1066 has the rings on the rim for the rods to fit for rim duals. But it's even harder to find decent rim duals with good tires compared to hub duals..
  14. Im looking forward mountings the hubs and duals on my 1066. Hunting down for Hubs and duals was pretty hard. There all out of state.
  15. No. But am buying a Milwaukee high impact gun, and a 50 inch 600+lbs torque wrench. Got a 20ton jack. I'll use logs to bring it up to fit the duals.
  16. I happen to find a picture of this 1066.. the dual hubs are far in the axle same tire size 18.4.38. I figured if it's My 1066. I figured i should be able to mount the hubs and 9 bolt duals especially the offset of the outside rim sticks outside of the tires. I'd like to get some views and opinions. See what's possible.
  17. 9 bolt duals and hubs. I happen to order my hubs from SD and I found some nice john deere 9bolt duals 18-4-38.
  18. Here's a picture of my 1066. Is it possible to mount the hubs and duals with the axle bar at this length
  19. Hey guys I'm new to the forum. I plan on putting axle dual hubs on my 1066 and dual wheels. What size socket and impact for the axle hubs and what size for the bolts on the wheels?
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