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  1. You know what. I'll probably do that...
  2. In some way.... Brought it because it has a cab, duals and it was closer to my farm. I had another post on putting duals on my 1066. But I decided to buy the 1270 instead.
  3. Did. They never called back. Not returning the tractor.... Problem too is that it's too cold to start the 1270 in the upper Midwest. Just Replace two 12v batteries and tried to start it. No start, no crank... did got a electric spark as my socket wrench was tapping against one of the metal circuit as I was tightening the positive connectors. I did remember when I went in to the new Holland dealer where I brought it. They hooked the jumpers on the starter and the frame for ground and got it started. I figured the starters is crap.... So I ordered a new 24v starter, 2 hytran filters, five 5gal buckets of case ih hytran fluid, and 5gal of case ih 15w40 heavy duty diesel oil all from the Case IH dealer. I'll wait till it's 40-50 degrees outside. I'll start touching up on it in late March or April depending if there's still snow....
  4. I'm still waiting for my 1270 manual, and repair book to arrive. Any 1370 guys know??? They have the same tranny..
  5. Just where do I drain out the hytran fluid and find the hytran filters???
  6. How much gallons for drain and add hytran fluid??? Ordered the hytran filters too at the case ih dealer..
  7. For me. I disc 14 acres once in spring and fall. I chisel plow once every 3 years. How many times should I change the hytran fluid and filters??
  8. Those powershift. Isn't there anyway to avoid it from wearing out???
  9. Id wish I have a big garage heater like you. I'd take it apart if it goes there.
  10. I drove 9 miles from the dealer to my farm with no problems except that hill on gear 4 powershift 2 slowing down like on Neutral going uphill.... But as I observed it. It ran strong all the way to the farm.. If it doesnt move and I'm stranded in the middle of the highway. I'd definitely make em fix it..... If not return it till they fix the issue.... But I brought it. So. Whatever... More knowledge helps.
  11. Yeah. You no good🤣 thanks smart a**
  12. If it runs.. I would if it's near my farm. Far away nah... its a used tractor. As I said nothing is going to be perfect like the new ones from the dealer... You should really like dads 2nd super A burning oil for 10yrs. He just add oil and it still runs. I'm a farmer. Not a collector. I get what everyone is saying..... Will fix it.
  13. Very new with this. Thanks. So getting good pressures are the answer. Am I right??
  14. What would be the steps before taking the 1270 out in half??? I know you guys mentioned checking the pressure on the Powershift. What would be the problem if Powershift 1 is low?, what would the problem be if Powershift 2 is low? What would be the problem if Powershift 3??
  15. I suppose you're talking $6000 and up?? hopefully $3000 and under.. $4000 well talk about it. $5000 and up. Probably next winter. I'm taking the chances discing the fields this spring and fall... Got to give a ji Case some ❤
  16. Thanks. I'm very new with this ji case 1270. It's my 1st ji case tractor I've ever own. I'm mainly a IH guy. Very new with the Powershift and have 0 knowledge on the ji cases. Anyway are you saying they are gonna take it out in half???
  17. When I was transporting my 1270. Was playing around with the gears and the powershift. It ran normal and the reverse worked fine like any normal tractor... I didn't mess with powershift 2 when I was losing speed on gear 4 up the hill. I'll only use it when going into powershift 3 for transportation.. As I said I figured I should be fine doing field work just as long as I don't speed with it. But for now I'm hoping to get a good estimate on adjusting the clutch so that it won't slip. Hoping the 1270 manual and repair guide can help me override to prevent the clutch from slipping...
  18. I'm hoping the guys they can make me a deal adjusting the clutch or replacing for a good deal at the new Holland dealer where I brought it from. Called Case IH dealer. There talking $1000-$6000+ on the clutch.😱😱
  19. Decided to take these advice. called them. They'll work it out checking the clutch and maybe replacing it. Jeez 9 miles back to the dealer. Oh well it's not spring yet. If it was. Got to disc the plowd fields first before going back to the dealer.
  20. I have a john deere 12 foot disc and a Glencoe 7 shank chisel plow with no disk up front. On the 1370 speedchart which is has the same tranny to the 1270. Gear 2 powershift 1: 2.6mph, Gear 3 powershift 1: 3.2mph. On my ih 1066 gear2 lo: 2.5mph, Gear 3 lo: 4.3mph.
  21. I'll agree with changing the hytran fluid for sure. That's something I could do later in spring... But taking it apart in half. I don't have a place to touch it or have the money for the dealer to fix it at the moment... looking at the treads on those tires.. I also believe that the previous owner used pwrshift 2 alot with the speed gears and beat the crap out of it to do field work. But Dad once told me. If you drive the tractor fast on the field. You'll break the tractor sooner or later... But if you go slow.. it will last.. had a loader too. But I choose not to get those guys to put it on. Just the duals mounted..
  22. Before I was gonna buy the 1270. I research it and talked with the right guys that owns the 70 series cases like the 1370. It's not as bad as what these guys in the forums says like it's a ticking time bomb..
  23. Sometimes the bad luck can turn into good luck. Like I said I've seen all the tractors that dad brought growing up.. No Tractor was 100% perfect until he fixed it. Sure there's no issues before it went out. Was told it was on consignment repairing the brakes.
  24. Uncle owned it first. The pump went out and got it fixed and sold it to dad. Dad got it fixed and it's a beast pulling chisel plow and discing.
  25. The 1066 was originally dad's. I Liked it. But it's cold blooded. I spray ether Starting it all the time. But wanted a tractor with cab less cold blooded and duals and personally mine. It's my first personal tractor I owned. I ordered some of the ji case repair and override manuals online.
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