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  1. There's pto no switch. It was removed. Did told the shop to put on a pto switch lever and turn it off...
  2. Yeah as I was transporting my 1270 on the road. I noticed the pto is on and running. It doesn't have a pto switch to turn it off. I assume the previous owner probably broke the switch or removed it.. As I got to the dealer. It was leaking hytran fluid between the tranny and engine underneath.
  3. I know when I was chisel plowing with my 1066 in November. The ground was wet and it wasn't gonna get any dryer. Going deep into the ground. The wheels starts spinning until I fix the depth where the wheels can pull without slipping alot on wet dirt. I figured duals would help alot. That's why I brought the 1270. Cab and duals.
  4. Questions. I was told that the petal in the middle is the diff lock on the 1270. Never used it before. I never recall seeing it on the 1066. Do you know when it's the right time to use the diff lock???
  5. We're a small Family farm. My brother runs the operation with Mom now that dad is gone.. Vegetables and flowers..
  6. Thought twice. It's probably a better idea getting the Powershift fixed... Besides we got a couple months before farming season starts...
  7. Engine ran great 452 engine are unbreakable. Transmission powershift issue yes.
  8. I'll look forward to spring tillage...
  9. Thought about returning my money. But I realized buying another 1270 or different tractor. It's gonna need to get fix no matter what.... But some guys I know. Once you fix the Powershift. It'll last a long time. One guy I know fixed the cluchpack and had it for 30yrs with no issues...
  10. The tractor was on consignment. Nothing they could do on their end. They referred me to this shop by Menomonee WI that specializes repairing case powershifts. Around $6000 depending how bad it is. But the cost won't get near $10000. Case ih you're talking $10000-$15000.
  11. Yeah. Trying to find some possibilities to work the 1270. But I suppose it's better going into the shop. Besides still 2 months before field work.
  12. Am bringing my 1270 back to the dealer. There shipping the 1270 out of state to a case powershift repair expert.
  13. Its getting frustrating... hoping they fix it. If not. I'll drive the 1270 till it goes.... Heck fixing it already cost an arm and a leg..
  14. You know Im In love lol..🤣🤣🤣
  15. I think it depends on the size of the equipment. I can see putting stress on your tranny going slow pulling a 25ft disc on the 1270. Not a 12 ft disc. Honestly I'm not booksmart like you guys on the forum. 32 years growing up farming with dad. I drive and feel what works better for the tractors for what size type equipment. On our super a cultivators. I can't see myself cultivating the veggies on 4th gear.... I'd stress the tranny and engine.
  16. I thought you'd wear your machine faster if you go 5mph+. I was going 2.5mph on gear 2 lo on my 1066 pulling a 7 shank chisel plow. 3 lo as I dropped it. It died. 12 foot disc and 7 shank chisel. Really?? I think it's better going slow.
  17. If I'm going gear 3 3rd powershift discing at 2100rpms at 5mph+. I strongly agree. You'll break the tranny..... But going gear 2 1st powershift discing at 1800rpms at 2.5-3 mph. Wouldn't that prevent the tranny from burning up fast for now??? Don't most of you guys till your fields going 5mph+???? I can really see what you meant...... Heck I'd be surprised if my machine survived this year of tillage......
  18. No I really don't know how the Powershift works..... I was thinking if going low gears and 1st powershift. Was hoping I can avoiding it from breaking down... I'll take my chances for now...
  19. I got more answers from Case ih dealer than the new Holland dealer. I talked with another guy that has a 2nd pwrshift going out on his 70 series. Case IH told me those 1270 or 70 series are known to have issues on the 2nd powershift. Those advice on the forum are great. That's just me. Haven't heard a noise yet from the tranny. If you don't feel confident running it. I get it.
  20. As a farmer. If everything runs fine. It should be fine. If I made it 9 miles to my farm not stranded. I'm sure you can till 14 acres this spring and fall.... You can wait. But there's nothing growing this spring... when the time and money comes. Sure Fix it. Case ih guys know what there talking compared to where I brought my case from new Holland..
  21. It came with 2 12v batteries. Wouldn't that equal 24volts. Wouldn't you blow the 12v starter. I'll consult with parts at case ih.
  22. Still waiting for em to call back.... But happen to consult one of the service guys at case ih dealer about my 1270 problem. Was told not to use 2nd powershift for now. The 2nd powrshift are known to have issues on the 1270. The 1st and 3rd powershift is fine to use. Was told its fine discing and chisel plowing in 2nd gear 1st powershift for now.... The bill to fix the Powershift at the Case ih dealer is $10600 plus towing it pick up and delivery..... I'll start saving money.
  23. Would this be the kit to test those pressures for the 1270??
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