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  1. Talked to the owner. He was discing some combined cornstalks and the blades on the wings broke. He was going 6mph. Probably that's what caused the blades to break. I'm assuming the dirty clay hard or lots of rocks. I d go 2.5mph if it was something like that before I go 5mph...
  2. The disc in the center on front and back are fine, but the disc on the front wings. Blades are real bad. I can always replace the blades later. 1200$ feels reasonable. I hope my 3500 shortbox express van can pull it 80miles back to the farm...
  3. Finding a wing disc like this with better blades. Your looking around 10000$
  4. Here's a picture. My soils are sandy.. wanst sure if this implement is too big.
  5. I recently found this 22ft disc. Do you guys think 135hp on my case 1270 has enough horses to pull this disc??? The blades sure needs replacing. But for 1200$ feels reasonable.
  6. I'm getting guys to come to my farm to service my 1270 to replace the starter and key switch. Hopefully the key switch from case ih arrives today.
  7. I'll buy both the new key ignition and the starter. I'll fix the key ignition first. If that's the solution.... then I'll return the starter. It's either or right now..
  8. You might be right on that..
  9. When my 1270 went to the shop. They replaced new battery connectors. They removed the battery box from the loader mount to up by the starter. No corrosions on the batteries and the solenoids. Those 2 12v batteries I just brought it brand new. When I slowly turn the keys. You'll hear from a click, to where the starter runs, to where the engine cranks as I slowly turn the keys.
  10. Everything is tight to the solenoid. It's been like that since I brought it. It takes a while for it to crank. There's voltage as my wrench was touching the solenoid. I might go to case ih where I canceled my new starter there. Hopefully it's still on their inventory. I'm also believing maybe it needs a new solenoid. I guess it's better getting a new starter with a new solenoid..
  11. I also need help on this too. Went back to the farm. The 1270 won't crank. Do you think it's the starter??? Times I have to slowly turn the ignition to crank. Buts it's dead.
  12. I have the 1270 manual. You think this would help??
  13. Before the Powershift was repaired. I tried connecting the disc. It can barely lift the disc and drop it. The hydraulic was moving very slow. I did talk with the guys that repaired my Powershift about the hydraulic quads and made sure its working. They did told me that it's the Powershift that caused the quads to lift and drop the disc slow. Lifting it up and down. It looks normal compared to my 1066. But yeah the quads slowly dropping the implements down. I suppose for now if I transport it. I'll place a locking pin to avoid that.
  14. I doubt that. They checked the pressures on the valve pump before they got to the clutchpack.... When I accidentally got just one line connected instead of two. I was testing the levers going up and down. As I checked. I couldn't get one of the line disconnected. I witness there's pressure compared to the last time.. I had to use the other quad lever to reduce pressure and got the other line disconnected. When I was pressing the pioneer connector lines against a cloth. Hytran fluid was gushing out alot from the line. I'll try the other quad.
  15. the 1270 is back on the farm. I noticed with the Powershift as I was transporting. It kicks as you release the clutch. I tried testing the hydraulics on my chisel plow. There's pressure on the hydraulic quads. But I noticed that as I was driving it around with the chisel plow. The chisel plow slowly drops down. I had the lift it up every couple minutes. Do you guys think I need new pioneer quads on the 1270????
  16. Thanks for the advice. As I stated. This is my first owned ji case tractor. I'm still waiting for a out of state truck driver transporting it to where I brought 1270 at the new Holland dealer...
  17. I really don't know what's the longest the Powershift would last. I'm assuming if I don't dink with shifting the Powershift too much and use the main Powershift gear pulling all my implements. I'd assume 30yrs. I know a guy had a 1570 and his 2nd powershift went out on him. But that was 20 yrs ago. Or so he says. It makes me wonder if there's a 1st owner of the 1270,1370,1570. How many times have they repaired the Powershift??? It is 50yrs old..
  18. When I was transporting the tractor to the dealer. 1st powershift has the best response in my opinion and it doesn't act up. It goes pretty smooth with the gears. 2nd was slipping and it took a little while for me to get 3rd powershift to work.. So not dinking with it now that it's repaird
  19. With the kind of money I spent... Knowing how the Powershift works and how it goes... I decided I'm not dinking with it shifting it to 2nd and 3rd powershift pulling implements.... I'm only using the main Powershift gear which is 1st powershift. 2nd gear chisel plow, 3rd gear discing, and 4th gear transport highway. Reverse, I'll only use 1st gear. The PTO. I'll never use it.....
  20. Better deal there than case ih. 10-15gs$
  21. Thanks to everyone in the forum. Wasn't for you guys. The 1270 would break down or worse.
  22. Oh yes. The birthplace of JI case. These guys know their stuff.
  23. Was told by the guys in Ridgeland WI that the bolts inside broke off and couple disc broke as well. They also rebuild the pto as well because it was running, and they added a pto switch too along with fixing all the fog lights. Basically the whole transmission is rebuilt. The hytran fluid leaking is patched up.. Yeah the bills around 8gs. Better than bringing it to case IH for 10-15gs. I don't know what #owner was the previous. But he really beat the crap out of this 1270 bad. But who knows what the owner before him did to it. It's a 50+yr old tractor...
  24. The 1270 is in WI. They repaired the powershift. Yes the clutch was slipping bad. Can't wait till it comes back home.
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