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  1. So I took everyone's advice. I slowly screw out the drain plug to where liquid comes out of the drain plug. So far Nothing green. Couldn't tell if if it's oil.. My friend that's a JD mechanic confirmed it's oil. I'm assuming we're safe for now...
  2. Thanks for the tip... appreciate all the advice...
  3. Its my workhorse. Ill keep it running. But Worst comes to worst. I'm going for a 504 swap. Probably cheaper than rebuilding the 451 I have now... just found one from a 2590. Talked with the guys in Ridgeland Wi. They can swap it..
  4. I appreciate the advice man.. It's my workhorse.... I'll sure keep an eye out on it. I was gonna spend a couple k$ on fixing the hydraulic valve. But I suppose engine maintenance is First. Got to start saving some money and take it to the shop for engine repairs. Heck if overhaul is cheaper. I'm willing to swap a good used 451 from a 74-77 1270. But if finding used 451 is a pain in The butt. A 504 from any 70 or 90 series case will do for me....
  5. Ok😮‍💨...I really have no idea where you guys are getting antifreeze in the oil. I change the oil before before spring tillage and fall tillage. I really don't see anything in the 5 gallon bucket that appear to have antifreeze in the oil...
  6. If it was a $??k problem in a heartbeat. I wouldve seen it happened after I finished chisel plowing and later finished discing the other 12 acre farm and transporting it back to my friends shed a distant away. Still the tractor is still running.... It doesn't appear to me that it's something really major. But I'll take it to the shop later for engine diagnostics..
  7. I changed the oil once in the spring, once in the summer and once in the fall. Since I'm doing alot of tillage. I'd prefer fresh oil in the engine. That's me.
  8. Those slow drippy leaks on the plug is enough to tell me that there's no antifreeze or water.
  9. That tractor came from Prescott WI. It went on consignment in Vermillion. I just brought it last spring. Engine ran good so far.. I only used it for spring tillage and fall tillage. I'll start it and run it around once every week with no problems.. The powershifts rebuilt, and I'm gonna rebuilt the 451 later. I'll do my best to maintain it...
  10. Im not denying your answers. I know what antifreeze and water looks like on the drips coming out of the oil drain plug. It ain't green, it ain't clear. It's black. If I'm seeing the oil looking different loosening the plugs. Id be concerned earlier..... But No.. I've changed the oil 3 times last year. When the plugs loosen. It's black. I did a oil change before chisel plowing that fall. Same results.
  11. I'm just trying to get some answers online. It's at a friends shed. I won't cold start it in middle of April. So far the tractor runs great... Im debating on taking it back to ridgland WI to rebuilt the hydraulic valves to hold the implements up and not slowly dropping. if it doesn't happen again or too often. I'll worry about it later. But if it's making funny noises like that more. It's going in for diagnostics and engine repairs.. I plan on rebuilding the engine completely.
  12. You might be right... Would adding a little seafoam in the fuel and oil be able to clean the sludges???
  13. That's what I thought. Our soils sandy. Chiseled 4 acres. When it sounded funny. I let the tractor idle to cool down for a while and was able to finish chisel plowing the rest of the 12 acres. Never sounded funny after... I disc the other 12 acre fields twice at 2000rpms 5mph and transport it to a shed 4th gear 1st range 1500-1600 rpms distance away. And nothing wrong.
  14. Nothing smells sweet. So far everything is fine from all your questions. Nothing milky on the dip stick. The oils oil inside the oil pan, all the cylinders sounded normal..
  15. Very slow drips. Not fast drips. Nothing that I'd be concerned with at the moment on the oil.
  16. The tractor oil underneath has drippy oil. Nothing that's water or coolant from my view. Mostly oil.
  17. Nope. Not knocking. The funny sound is coming from the breather tube like something is clogged in the air filter or something. If it's knocking. It's gonna go to the shop with a 504 swap.
  18. Just to be safe. Few Times when tilling at night. I'll add a little but sometimes I overfill it. It get too dark to see if there's coolant. It's not burning coolant. That's for sure. I did order a new inside and outside air filter to see if that might be a solution. I bets its really dirty in the air filter..
  19. Hard to explain. It's the only big rubber tube that smokes or steam underneath the engine by the cab door on the 70 series Agrikings. It was smoking or steaming alot when chisel plowing at 2000 rpms at 5mph on 4acres.. never had the rubber tube smoking or steaming big with the engine running funny when pulling a 22ft krause disc at 5mph at 2000rpms. Is the 11 shank chisel plow a little too much for the 1270??? The guy that owned it was able to pull it with the IH 1086..
  20. Last fall I was pulling my 11 shank kraus chisel plow at 6-8 inches deep going 3rd gear 1st range at 2000rpm at 5mph. I plowd 4 acres. The tractor sounded funny and I stopped the tractor and there was alot of smoke blowing out of the rubber tube underneath the engine. I lowered the rpm to idle to cool down for 5-10 minutes. It stopped smoking and I was back chisel plowing the rest of the fields along with discing the other 12 acre farm and transporting it to a friend's shed a distance away later. Is there something that I need to be concerned with the engine??? Last spring I chisel plow 12acres at 1500-1600 rpms 3rd gear 1st range. The tractor never sounded funny with smoke coming out of the tube.
  21. I don't have leaks on my radiator yet.
  22. I don't know what to do with the oat premix coolant.. growing up. I thought coolants just coolant. It's good learning more. I still have to finish using up all my peak and O'Reilly 50/50 antifreeze before adding the CNH coolant 11...
  23. I was just at the case dealer buying antifreeze. Last summer I brought the 50/50 oat premix. I never added it on my 1270. When I brought the tractor. They added peak 50/50. I've been filling it with peak all vehicle 50/50 and O'Reilly 50/50 universal antifreeze. I question the parts guy if it's possible I can add the 50/50 Oat premix over the peaks. The parts manager happened to come by and told me not to use it. So he recommended the CNH coolant 11 premix to add over the peak 50/50 antifreeze in the radiator. He mentioned that if the oat premix is added with the peak. It becomes gel. Whew😃 If I added the oat premix over the peaks. My 1270 radiator gets fried.... Any pros and cons with the 50/50 oat premix vs the coolant 11??
  24. I suppose not all 70 and 90 series cases are not the same.
  25. I've talked to a guy that I bought my kraus 1424 21 ft disc. He owned a 2390, and a 1370 that the radiator overheated and caught on fire using an auger. He says the 70 series Agrikings were a better tractor compared to the 90 series Agrikings. He did mentioned that his 2390 had alot electrical issues compared to his 1370...
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