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  1. Problem was that the previous owner never used the brakes since his grampa brought it. Can't even stomp on it. I'm assuming its real bad. I brought it because it was a good deal to buy and it's my first combine. It's been maintained.
  2. I don't farm in hill country that's a releif. I got 2 leases that I plan on planting corn next year. There's some hills going down on the main roads. I suppose taking my time going in slow gear would be my option.
  3. I brought it. But I won't bring it back to my farm in September. I'm avoiding the hills.
  4. I just brought my first combine. Was told that the brakes haven't been working since 1980. You can't even stomp on the brakes. Any suggestions?? Is it worth fixing the brakes??
  5. Dad's 1066 only has 1 coupler. Hook that single hydraulic line on the top or bottom?? I was told it takes 30 seconds to fully drop.
  6. I was thinking about switching the lift cylinder for a 2 hydraulic line..
  7. Questions on the 400 planter. It uses 1 hydraulic line to lift and drop. My 1066 doesn't have the original couplers where you can shut off the top and lower valve. Was told that it'll take 30 seconds to drop. My concern is I'm hoping I won't blow the hydraulics out. Any suggestions??
  8. Just brought that combine today. Everything works except the brakes.
  9. I'll use the digger before planting
  10. From what I've been browsing. 30 inch row planters and combines are spendy base on my budget. The ih combine and planters not too far from my farm. If I buy a 30 inch jd planter. I have to find a guy that can combine my corn. Would custom be a cheaper way or just buy the combine and planter?? I'm still in debating..
  11. I happened to see this ih combine for 3000$. Talked with the owner. Hes willing to sell a 36 ih planter for 600$. 4600$ including corn and bean head. I'm very new with corn and soybean farming alongwith combines and planters. Been farming vegetables and flowers 34 years with dad. I just brought my case 1270 last spring with a powershift rebuilt. I have a 22ft disc, 11 shank chisel plow and a 24ft digger.
  12. Was wondering how much bushels per acre you'll get harvested from that planter at 36 inch row. I hear some pros and cons about that 400 cyclo. Was told 30 inch rows, Combine makes 120-150 buschels of corn per acre.
  13. I'm new with corn planters. Found a ih 400 cyclo 4 row 36 inch planter. How much bushels per acre for corn and beans with theIH planter??
  14. My super a has a problem not reving. As I push the throttle all the way. It doesn't rev. Looking at the throttle by the carb. It doesn't move with the throttle switch on the distributor side. But if I push the throttle by the carb with my hand. It revs up. Is there any way to tighten the throttle on both sides to rev up??
  15. I have the 1270,1370,1570 service manual. Should I be concerned of an exhaust leak??
  16. Hmmm. I might have to check the injectors and try to tighten it. If it's tight. Would Lucas deisal fuel lubricant work to clean the injectors??
  17. I'm hoping not. That location I took pics of that coolant leak. Above it is the mufler. That's where I saw a couple puffs of black smoke coming out below the muffler. So if coolant leaks on hot exhaust manifold. Sure it doesn't smoke black?? I was back in the fields field cultivating a strip of untilled fields back and forth with no problems.
  18. I figured what caused smoke underneath the muffler. There's coolant leaking from the coolant manifold that connects the top radiator hose. Is there a way to patch it without taking it out??
  19. The exhaust manifold is cracked in the lower center. I used exhaust manifold tape to patch it as much as I can.
  20. There's no black smoke coming out of the muffler when observing. Underneath coming out below the muffler yes.
  21. Questions. I was field cultivating a landowners 13 acres of corn snubs at 4.5 mph at 1800rpms. 3 hrs later I saw a couple black smoke coming underneath the mufler. Is the fuel injector getting too much fuel in one of the cylinders or is it coolant leaking down to the manifold that could cause black smoke?? I let the tractor idle down for a few minutes and it ran fine until I finished tilling and putting it away. What do you guys think??
  22. I did alot of research from guys in the forum. I just switched to Sae30 over 15w40. CIH oil. The 1270 is mainly a tillage tractor. It feels like the tractor has more power running sae30 pulling a 24ft wilrich field cultivator. I'm sticking with sae30..
  23. I got the filters. Thanks guys. I'll change it and check around the fuel lines. I'm guessing the old fuel filters been sitting on this tractor for at least 10yrs..
  24. So you don't think the fuel pump is out?? Dad brought it from my uncle. 4 yrs ago the pump went out. He spent 4k$ fixing the pump at MNAg. It wouldn't surprise me the pump went out... After reading the manual. I'll run to buy CIH fuel filters.. Hopefully it runs like a charm.
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