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  1. It ran good before sitting for about 10 years could the timing change from sitting? Seems like the only adjustment is in the bolt holes mounting the pump.
  2. I’m working on a TD7C dozer with a D206 engine and after troubleshooting have decided the injection pump needs repaired. I think the pump is a Bosch VA4C after reading through other posts. While trying to remove the pump I can’t seem to line up the timing marks in the pump and timing marks on the crank pulley at the same time. The crank pulley is marked clearly and according to my manual needs to be at 12 degrees. The injection pump has lines on the cam in the inspection cover one is just a line the other is a line with an “X” above it. No matter how many times I turn the engine over I can never get both marks lined up at the same time. While on #1 cyl compression stroke I pass both lines in the injection pump but the crank pulley isn’t even close. Which line should I go with in the injection pump and can I just pull it without the crank pulley lined up if I know I’m on #1 compression stroke? The issues I’m having with the dozer are hard starting and poor running. If I’m able to get it started the throttle lever is usually unresponsive. Sometimes if I leave the throttle up it will eventually rev up but sounds terrible like it’s backfiring. I did a compression test and it was good. I have pulled the injectors and let them fire out of the block and they all flow fuel and pulse. Replaced fuel filters and have good flow to the pump with no air in the lines (installed a clear line to verify). Fuel return line is clear. I don’t know what else to do other than have the pump checked I’m guessing it must be a timing problem but I’m open to suggestions. Any help appreciated.
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