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  1. Well, i disconnected the outlet of cab heater at engine and pressurized the cooling system and bled through heater. Reassembled it and no change. Did it again. Finally got heat!!! Damn troublesome thing. Next time i''l put isolation valves to make it easier!
  2. Yup, turned out to ba a stuck t/stat! Now to figure out how to flow through the cab heater!!!
  3. i just checked, it has a t/stat. It has the factory temp gauge ive ordered a new t/stat,
  4. HI again Sorry for all the newbie questions Ive read that the d239 is cool running but im suprised just how cool! Its -6C here so really not that cold. I was using a snow blower on the back of my 584. I blocked off the rad with cardboard. The engine stayed so cool it didnt even build coolant pressure. Is this normal? Thanks in advance
  5. BTW, thanks for the washer part number!
  6. I took one hose off, pressurized cooling system and had flow through control valve and heater core
  7. HI all Fixing her up continues... I did an oil change. No copper gasket on drain plug. Im guessing there should be?? I cant see it in the parts manual. Does anyone have the part number or dimensions? I'm also getting no flow to the cab heater. I've bleed through the heater lines and do have coolant up there. Its -10C here while im testing.I think i should pull the water pump and check the impeller??
  8. finally got it. Housing wasnt going in square. I ended up putting upward pressure on housing as i tightened it, sealed okay now. Thanks again
  9. its a 584 but i thought the housing filter was common on many IH models
  10. yes, groove for oring was nice and clean
  11. Hi How much torque is needed to tighten the hydraulic filter housing. Ive changed the filter and both o rings but have a bit of a drip Thank you
  12. I measured the block, it is a 239. I guess im lucky? lol Thanks again for all the help!
  13. yup, 239DT. This is how the serial numbers work on these Nuess engines? I went to the local CaseIH ag dealer and spoke with the old guy working there. He said all the 584's he's seen had 239 engines. This seems to go against everything ive read online.
  14. the loader does make access tough There is a boss on the block to the rear of the oil filter I may have to sand blast it to see it properly but looked like 39DT20105439 No sign of a engine displacement cast into the block Does this fit the pattern of engine serial numbers?
  15. Thanks for all the info. Ive been busy with goats being born during this cold snap. I'll check the engine and report what i find when i get some free time Cheers! ian
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