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  1. I have a 2014 bobcat T770 The glow plug cuts off too quickly when you unplug coolant temp sensor it will countdown normally dealership put a new coolant temp sensor in it did not change anything Shop ran all the test everything comes back normal but glow plug will not count down as long as coolant temp sensor is hooked up does anyone have any ideals Dealership could not figure it out (so $2500 later they’re returning machine to me still no glow plug…(they did replace fuel sending unit and AC blower motor in the $2500 but was still disappointed with all the labor they charge me N did not fix the glow plug) thanks jimmy
  2. I have a 2014 T770 bobcat glow plug only illuminates briefly took it to the shop all specs check out when you unplug the coolant sensor glow plug works fine put a new coolant sensor in it still will not countdown unless coolant sensor is unplugged Bobcat dealership could not figure it out anyone have any ideal. thanks jimmy
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