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  1. my 560 has a factory bucket loader and I have a growling that sounds like a need for oil, the only place that I can find to add hydraulic oil is on the floor by the shifter and I can see what looks like rear end gears any ideas?
  2. Looks just like my machine I left mine original yellow looks like someone tried to make it red power.
  3. Yes I've over wound more than once, fortunately didn't destroy anything, got to be quick on the clutch!
  4. Yes that is what I had pictured Hopefully in time I'll gather up what I need to put something similar together, thanks great picture of a nice machine.
  5. Wonder where one would look to get rollers
  6. Were the 1950s TD9 winches Carco winches and do they have Arches for them I've never run across one. I see 4 bolt holes in the winch that looks like one might fit.
  7. Rustred, thanks so much you nailed it right on, the old girl is back to running and starting just like new, now I'm looking for an arch for the winch then I'll get to work this summer Markd
  8. I put two 1100 batteries and throw the charger on them in cold weather these diesels have to spin fast to start might be a sluggish starter.
  9. Well I'll be ! All these years I just thought somebody sinned by painting it yellow! I was ashamed of it.
  10. Boy I think you really scored on that one! I like it, my tractor wreckin yard won't let anything go unless it's piece by piece!! I tried to buy a cherry 656 not a scratch on it but they wouldn't budge no how no way I could take off anything I wanted but can't have it whole disgraceful in my book!!
  11. my 1950s TD9 crawler is painted cat yellow and I see no sign of red anywhere on it and the decals are all in place did international ever have yellow paint?
  12. I agree it might be a good idea to just go and talk to them that might give you a better idea of what they were up against, sometimes you just had to be there to understand why things were done that way good luck
  13. I tell you, never new they had such a thing! Even with that I'll bet it's still a pain.
  14. I have a similar vintage TD9 that I've been using for 33 yrs and I love it very much but after looking at what you've done I am absolutely SPEECHLESS! Thank you for the pictures I probably won't live long enough to see the end of that project!
  15. Ok I think I've got a picture in my mind I'll give it a try thanks
  16. Hey, post a picture of this open side socket you mentioned I've never seen one. I've done it both ways and they're both a pain
  17. Well as I recall those lines were a huge part of the problem for me getting the pump to move back far enough to come out. Every time I think about getting started I cringe and find something else to do.
  18. Well the 656 I had the pump rebuilt by a reputable diesel shop not too many hrs ago the fuel system looks tight see no seepage. I've been leaning towards valve guides. it's a 1968 I think so been around for awhile.smoke gets a little less if I run it at 2000 rpm for an hour or more but still smokes more than it should. The 7.3 is in a pickup your one tooth off sounds like a possibility to me, I thought I was careful putting the pump in but it's possible I fumbled it a little. I donno about their rebuild job thats out of my area, it wasn't my local shop I bought it on line so who knows. I'll try to work up the courage to go back into it,it was a job the first time. maybe I can find something I messed up, thanks.
  19. Rustred, I took your advise and threw the pliers in the bush and got out my vice grip needle nose and it worked perfect! a few ups and down with a little Marvel oil and it worked like new, fired it up and we're back in action!! Thanks so much for all your help.MARKD Now I have a smoking international 656 tractor and an international 7.3 diesel also smoking to figure out.!
  20. Hardtail, actually I did tap it down and it moved a little but it was tight and I could'nt get it to come back up but today I'm going to put the vice grip needle nose on it and try again and maybe explore into the plug hole like rustred suggested I'm feeling good about the progress we're making thanks to all the good advise you guys are giving me.
  21. ok I'll get my vice grips and try to push it up through the plug hole, I don't think there's any rust in there, it all looks well oiled I guess it might be carbon build up but we will see eventually, If I can't get it lose I'll pull the head not that big a deal thanks you've been a great help help I'll let you know tomorrow what happens.
  22. Well, I got down to the valve head,and yes it is stuck in the open position. all the others are spring loaded and go up and down as they should but this one is firmly down. I lubed it with Marvel mystery oil and WD40 and was able to grasp the top washer with a pair of long handled needle nose pliers but could not budge it it appears to be tight in the hole. I'll let it sit and keep the oil on it for a few days before I pull the head. Have any of you got any other tricks to loosen this valve up?
  23. You guys are great sounds like there's hope, I'll pull the valve cover tomorrow and see if I can encourage it to loosen up. I've had this old thing since 1987 and it's always been very dependable I missed it for the last year it's been down, I'll let you know tomorrow night what I find in there.
  24. Rustred, I'm in western Oregon
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