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  1. I know that was disturbing to me as well. The guy told me that's what you can do to these old Detroits. It's interesting tho. I hope to start changing filters and such soon but I gotta fix a bunch of lighting and bats first I suppose.
  2. So your saying that 6 year old diesel is worse than 26 year old diesel? Is it because of the ULSD? We have ran it around a 90 acre piece for about 15 mins. There is a rusted out elbow where the exhaust pipe heads upward and oil was coming out of it. A guy told me to fire it up and hold the throttle to the floor till it gets all the crap out. I did that, Holy cow the crap that blew out of it! He said the turbo wheel was most likely froze up due to exposure to the elements and when I revved it up, it freed up the wheel and now gets lubrication an oil isn't leaking out. It was pretty funny to see the crap that came out of that stack! 🤣
  3. I'm still trying to figure this site out. Pardon if it posted 2 times. I didn't think color of block meant much either. Yes the fuel has been sitting for 26 years and filters are one of first things I'll change. I'll have to take a look at the knobs closer when I'm at the truck again. Thank you
  4. Thank you again. In a couple weeks, depending on the weather here in Central OR I'll hope to get back out and do more stuff UNDER the cab.
  5. Thank you as always. It will be a few weeks till I get back to the truck. I'm going to try to post a pic of the dash about a knob with a rod attached going into the dash. It doesn't pull, push or turn and the label is sun faded and can't read it. It's the black knob between the sorta yellow fuel shut off and the key. Thanks as always.
  6. Thank you Wesd, It's definitely a V style. I'm told possibly an 8V92? The hydraulic hoses that lift the cab are leaking pretty bad. The jack was out of oil as well last time I was at the truck. I live 45 mins from where it is. I'll have to take some oil out to it next time I'm at the truck. I'm told that the model of engine is on the valve covers? But won't know till I get the cab up. Tried replying earlier but not sure what happened so hopefully this goes thru? Thank you again for your reply! Corey
  7. Hello all, new to this site. I recently sorta inherited a 1974 IH Transtar 4070B truck. It runs after sitting 25 years in a field. Pull started it to get it going. Lots of questions but I'll start with the first one. VIN: D2327DGA25335. COF 4070B. 170" WB. I cant find a darn thing when I Google this VIN? I just want to know more about it. I know that it's a Detroit engine but what? It's got a red engine block. I'm told if it's a silver or green painted block it's a certain engine but no one can tell me about the red block. Does this matter? Anyway, this is all I can think of right now. I can't figure out how to put a pic up tho right now as I do have questions of some of the dash controls that the wording is so sun warped off of it. Thanks in advance for any and all responses. Corey Esson Bend, OR
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