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  1. Thanks again guys, I will be giving the tractor a complete, front to back service and getting it fixed up nicely (cab kit, buffing, etc). The hinge points seem to be exceptionally tight and the u-joints are fairly quiet. The hour meter only shows 37xx hours but it doesn't work. Thanks again for the help. - Archer
  2. Well i'm back, I worked on her some this morning, the line that blew out is actually fine but the fitting on the mcv was turned out such that the line actually rubbed on the driveshaft in front of it and it wore a hole through it right near the end of the hose. There was plenty of extra slack in the line so i was able to cut the bad end off and reposition it to allow me to drive the tractor. I also changed the hydraulic oil in the trans. After driving it a bit I concluded that the clutch engagement issue is no longer present and that the tractor drives fine now. I also noticed that the trans lube light sometimes doesn't illuminate when the clutch is depressed. What might be the issue here? Thanks, Archer
  3. Hey guys, I was able to work on her some this afternoon, pulled the steering pump suction line housing off and found some nasty filters in there that had the old orange Case IH logo on them, the water had gotten to them and the paper cover on them was just mush. I cleaned the junk out of the tranny housing where the filters sit and installed some new filters in it. I hopped in her and it steered normally! I was not able to conclude whether the clutch issue is fixed yet as one of the hyd. lines that runs from the spin-on filter to the mcv valve blew out and stopped me from driving it any more. I will get the line replaced and go from there. Is that line supposed to be a regular hydraulic line or is it supposed to be a heater hose type line? it had a really soft rubber line on it that looks identical to heater hose. Thanks for the help guys I really appreciate it and am glad that I did not get burned as bad as I originally thought on this thing!
  4. Thanks for the info guys, I will try to get back to working on it today and will try a few things you guys mentioned. I will have to wait until Monday to get out to the dealer for filters and stuff but I will try to drain some water and pull the internal filters out just to see how bad they might be. I will also check that clutch linkage to see if anything seems off about it. Thanks again, Archer
  5. I changed the spin on hydraulic filter on the right side of the tranny, I will have to change those two behind the suction line. Thanks
  6. Hello all, recently purchased a 3788 on an auction and wasn't able to drive tractor beforehand. I got the tractor shipped home and went to drive it and it felt like the steering pump was starving for oil and wasn't pumping any fluid. The steering wheel is hard to turn but the tractor does steer at an idle but at higher RPM's I lose almost all steering and can't hardly turn the steering wheel at all. I changed the hydraulic filter on the right side of the transmission but it didn't help much. Wondering if there is another hydraulic filter I can change? Also there is water in the hydraulic oil but I don't want to change until it drives or until I am changing the steering pump or something since oil is so expensive and I am not sure if thing could be the problem? The steering pump seems to whine or chatter pretty bad while the tractor is running but I don't know if this is normal or not. I don't know if it may be related at all, but the clutch seems to randomly disengage when I am driving it and then instantly reengages and gives the tractor a huge jerk. When this happens the trans lube light comes on so I think that would be the clutch? I am trying to figure out what the problems are before I go carelessly throwing money at the thing. Lucky for me, the TA, pivot pins, tires, and motor all seem to be fine, the transmission shifts pretty good, and besides the issue while driving, the clutch seems to engage fine from a standstill. I am hoping that this is the right place to find help since I don't really know a lot about these 2+2s. Thanks, Archer
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