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  1. My two cents , that tractor can go to 200. this depends a lot on how and who operates this tractor. If you throw it in gear (pto) under a load and use full throttle doing so etc. you will throw parts on the ground no matter the hp. If you are in hilly ground and get the EGT to hot you will have damage. If you are careful and bring in power slowly and run it easy shouldn't have any issues. I had a c-15 cat in my peterbilt which was putting out 775 at flywheel with light duty clutch and 13 speed. no problems ever because I was the only one using it. Every mechanic told me I would throw them on the ground, had over 500k miles on that setup when I sold it. Same with tractors our 1086 had 155 and never had a problem
  2. we had that happen on our 1066 I was pulling a 22' 490 disc which normally was a load. I was going a gear faster untill my Dad came out to the field because he saw the smoke and me hauling ass across the field. I asked the mechanic what he thought it was doing and he said probably around 200. It was fun but it wouldnt have been fun for long.
  3. I was a kid then I don't remember . Did those two engines use the same filters??
  4. We had an 1979 1086 , most were around 130-135 hp in my area. Ours had 155 from the day we got it. It was not modified in any way. Just wondering if anyone else had one of these? A IH mechanic told me once they put the DT 436 in a few 1086s in that year by accident making it a 1486 for the price of a 10. I never was able to find anyone else to verify that claim. We just figured we got lucky.
  5. Does anyone know why IH made the 826 and 1026 only?? And why for a short time, were they prototypes for the 66 series? because it seemed like they were the same as the 56 series.
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