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  1. Would this work to keep people away. They didn't sting me, I ended up taping a thin board to the doorframe so they wouldn't attached to the door.
  2. Here's 15.5 on 11" and 14" rims. Different brand of tires.
  3. Dad always looked through a muffler before installing, if he couldn't see through it, he would drive a rod through it.
  4. 20Kw=26.82HP, most diesel tractor got > 14HP/HR on the PTO, there for 1.92 GAL/HR. Your mileage may vary.
  5. Dad put 85W-90 gear oil in our Super M-TA 45 years ago. It works fine except when it's cold then it will slip in TA. Then you have to drive it some before it works.
  6. There is a difference in rims for 10.00 and 11.00 tires. My 186 Hydro has 10.00-16 and My 1586 has 11.00-16 and they have about equal clearance. Ny neighbor has a 1086, when he replaced 10.00 with 11,00 his new tires almost rub.
  7. Dad told me a long time ago that the wheel cylinder cups would relax when sitting a long time then the brake fluid would seep out. When used the cups would seal. I've had this happen on the L170 a lot.
  8. This is from an I&T manual IH-25 for 460, 560, 660, and 606. I did this on my Super M-TA and it cured it. I use a rivet for a Sickel bar and a spring that I had on hand.
  9. This is what I found in IHC_motor_truck_service_manual_cts_11_12_ that I downloaded from archive.org.
  10. If you aren't getting fuel to the injector either take the cover off the side (4 screws) lor the top cover off to see if the rod going from governor to the rack moves easily if not work it back and forth. My Hydro 186 sit a lot and it stick a lot.
  11. Dad had one in 82 school bus, it was the best starting diesel I've ever seen, and it got 10 mpg. One winter dad went south for the winter, so I had to take care of it. Twice that winter it got to -20º at night and only got to 20º the next day, one time it started firing on the second revolution the other it didn't so I plugged it in for an hour and it started like it was a 90º. We let it sit outside from Friday afternoon till we put fuel in on Sunday, then was put inside.
  12. You are correct, I should have checked the text better. Sometimes my brain is faster than my typing. Sory about the mistakes.
  13. And this is where Is connected it. When I bought the tractor, I was told the hydro was week. The spring on the foot and inch pedal was week, the O-ring on the motor was bad, and the valve plate need another washer to hold it closer to ten servers. I bailed with it for 2 hrs. pulling a wagon behind it and I still could hold my hand on the hydro. Now a few more oil leaks to fix, wiring to replace, and a paint job.
  14. You could use rings for a bigger piston and adjust the gap to fit. 3 13/16 + 0.040 =3.8525. 3 7/8 = 3.875, 0.0225 too big (Chevy 283). Or 3.8 + 0.060 = 3.860, 0.0075 too big, (Ford 260 or 312). To get enough rings you might need to get two sets. I hope this helps.
  15. I got my CD parts manual out and look up cam bearings. C-236 70259R2 Front Camshaft bearing 70260R1 Front intermediate Camshaft bearing 70261R2 Rear intermediate Camshaft bearing 70262R1 Rear Camshaft bearing C-200 398019R1 Front Camshaft bearing 70261R2 Center Camshaft bearing 70262R1 Rear Camshaft bearing
  16. If you use 6 cylinders bearing you need to compare oil holes, the rear one should be the same. But the one taht would fit front might need a hole to fee oil to the governor, the 2 might be correct depending on how oil gets to the rocker arms. If you have to drill holes support the center of bearings.
  17. The rear 4 cam bearing for the 6 cylinders should be the same of the 4 going by journal diameter. Hope this helps.
  18. The front drive axels of 706, 806 and others was similar.
  19. If you wanted no power a 6.9 or 7.3 wouldn't be a lot of work.
  20. I don't know how many mi. on it, he had to replace the speedometer twice when they quit. He thought square would look better, it has square turn signal now. He painted it 3-4 times. He put the plate with the stickers on front because it made more sense, he got warning for it then 2 months later he a letter telling to do that.
  21. Yes, the 72 pickup is still here rusted up, 360 3 speed on the column. Most things on the road tractor has been changed, what I recall is 3/4 of the frame, steering sector, rear drive housing, shift tower, and voltage regular. He had put an internal regulated alternator on it, but he didn't like the way his ammeter acted, so we hook up the original regulater.
  22. The late 70's 1972 Ford WT9000, 335 Cummins, RTO95-13, 34,000# rears, 4.44:1 ratio, Henderson, 10.00 20 tires, steel cab, and no power steering. 35 years later. Big cam, rt95-9, 3.55:1 rears, Newway airside, 11.00 24.5 tires, aluminum cab, and still no power steering. He did his repairs, the only thing I don't think he worked on was the injectors. He drove it for 39 years and didn't have any problems with the DOT. Getting about 7 MPG at the end.
  23. The doors from any L or any R made the same time as the pickup. IH used that cab until at least 1972 but the doors are different. The bed from L, R and S pickup are the same.
  24. Torque converter in late 50s Fords and early 60s IH look like the ones in the 3414. What I did was cut off the bad part and welded tubing on it and machine it to fit. By the way I took a pump from a late 50s Ford and machine out the stater hub and installed a new bushing in mine.
  25. I have a 903 that might be fun to put in one with a bad motor but. I don't need another tractor, I don't have a use for it could pull a hay rake, and my time would be better spent working on my 3588.
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