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  1. Yep it is steve. When it was our main field tractor we had a excel cab on it and weighted down. We wiped out three ta clutches and two ta planeteries. Dad got tired of replacing them. Aperently it cant hold the almost 80 hp it puts out from factory. Only real problem we have evet had with the tractor besides the rear main leak when dad first bought it new
  2. Great tractors we have a german powered one its always been my favorite tractor!
  3. Dont have anyone around our area thatll even mess with them. The napa that used to rebuild starters and alternators in town quite doing them. Said it wasnt worth
  4. Its got a 1109252 in it thats going south. From what i counted its ten teeth. The part number it has is not available any more
  5. Starter is going out of my 686 diesil. Got a 104206a1 from the dealer dont look anything like the original. And it dont fit its longer and alittle bigger around. And it hits the ta housing. So it wont lay flat against the mounting flang. Anyone else deal with this?
  6. I was wondering if that was a good way to do it. Might have to look into that. About 20 more hp would be perfect. A different tractor is kinda out of the budget at the moment. Its has just under 4000 hrs so its got alot of life left
  7. Has anyone turboed a 5130. Wondering what was used and what ya use it for. Im looking to possibly do it to mine i use it for tillage.
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