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  1. The reman pump from IH was $674.40. The IH pump was build better and weighed more. IH price was twice the price of after market Made in China hunk of junk. I went through way too much trouble trying to be frugal.
  2. I followed all the tests in my technical manual and all indicated that pump was bad. I got an IH pump and the pump from IH fixed it. The aftermarket made in China hunk of junk caused a lot of trouble. Only good thing is I fixed a few things along the way. I thought that I had a good, brand new pump; therefore, I did not test the pump. After replacing spring in check valve on cylinder and replacing poppet, spring, and seat on auxiliary valve; I still had the problem. It has been wonderful to consult Red Power. I learned about the seal where suction pipe went from filter side to the pump from this forum. This item was not mentioned in my manuals and mine was bad. I have 10 older IH tractors in total that span from 06 to 86 series. I am so thankful to have found your forum. Thank you for all the assistance! I want to pass along a piece of information learned the hard way! Aftermarket PTO shafts are not worth a hoot. I have had 3 aftermarket shaves break. Going back to IH shafts as money saved is not worth the done time and work.
  3. I double checked the system relief valve. Both o rings and the backup washer were in place. Have a new IH hydraulic pump coming Wednesday. The one that I just put in was a made in China after market pump. Praying it is the pump. If pump is not the problem, I will be back in touch. Thanks so much. It has been wonderful to bounce questions off you.
  4. On the flow rater, I had inlet end hooked at either the test port at the pump or the auxiliary plug where hook hydraulic line from implement. The outlet was always in the pipe where you put oil into the transmission. Flow never stopped whether had load on it or not. I have removed pump and examined it. I am going to put in another pump that I know is good to finally decide if the pump is not the problem.
  5. I put key in and I think it is ok. I am going to drain oil and pull out pump and check it again. PTO works under load. To get system in high pressure, I am doing what tech manual said to do. I took guard off position control lever it has two quarter inch bolts holding it, pull the position control lever about 1” past the top of the quadrant. The manual said this would put the system in high pressure. This resulted in no change on the pressure. I did not hear any change in sound of engine and did not hear the relief valve squeal when deadheaded a remote. Problem is can’t get pressure up. I have used 2 pressure relief valves. I have the new valve in there. The more I think about it, the pump is just not generating enough pressure. I am going back to shop to drain hydraulic oil and pull out pump and check everything again.
  6. I hooked the flow rater to the plate that the pump is mounted. Also, it is hooked to an auxiliary outlet. The flow is about 8 or 10cfm. Pressure only about 500 to 600psi. The 500 to 600psi is all that I can get. That is a big part of the problem because I can’t get anything over 500 to 600psi. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. I am at my wits end. I have new pump, new o rings everywhere, took everything apart and fixed the few things that I found and still can’t get pressure up.
  7. The big flow of oil appears to come from underneath the right seat support.
  8. Replaced system relief valve, I have tried 2 different system relief valves. Have new valve in there now. Still have problem. In regards to MCV, it is on different system. MCV PUMP runs MCVsystem. The problem is in the hitch pump system.
  9. I am new to this. I started this post and had to answer phone. Apparently start of post sent. When I got off the phone I continued with my post. Sorry for any problem. I am an antique running antique iron trying to get around in a high tech world.
  10. I have an Farmall IH 806. I have a flow rater and pressure gauge, I could not get over 500 lbs pressure with a tremendous oil flow from above into the rear end. So much flow that it spatters out the top link bracket. I put a new hydraulic pump in and I still had hydraulic problems on it. I then took the rear end top off of an IH 856 hoping it would solve my problem. It did not. I replaced all o rings in the hydraulics. I replaced spring and poppet on check valve on the cylinder. I inspected all spools and bores that they ran inside and they all looked good. I then replaced all o rings in main control valve and action control valve. I put new seals in the lift cylinder, & replaced spring and piston in check valve in the cylinder and still had the same problem. Found a broken poppet and spring in one of the auxiliary valves. I replaced poppets, seats, and springs in both auxiliary valves and still had problem. I then replaced the seal around the suction tube coming from filter to pump. Still got problem. Only thing that I haven’t done in the whole system is check to see it there is a check valve in the right side seat support. In my manuals they have it in most 806s and apparently not in 856s. In the parts catalog for 806 they have the check valve for serial numbers below 20564. There is not showing a check valve in the parts catalog for 856; however, in the tech manual in the schematics it shows a check valve on the 856 in right side seat support. The fluid is coming down from the direction of check valve. I want to know if there is a check valve in the 856 top. I have put in a new unloading valve piston. What could be causing the lack of pressure after all that I have done?
  11. I want to know if on 806 and 856 if there is a check valve
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