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  1. This year it got hit by army worms so was only 4ft tall but was planted pretty heavy. It will be 6-7ft normally. Only chopping a single swath, about a 13ft cut. All 12 knives and length of cut is pretty short.
  2. I had this on the Dyno a few years back and we were 155hp I believe. We sharpen knives at least every morning. Doing alfalfa and corn (2 row) it runs just fine. We do a little winter rye and can notice it working good but this sorghum is just down right a pain. We have been thinking of getting a larger chopper but that requires a larger tractor and we have also thought maybe an "affordable" self propelled but worry we are gonna buy someone else's wore out problems.
  3. This is being used to pull a new Holland 900 chopper chopping forage sorghum that's been laid down with a discbine. We did it this year in low 1st and still had places where she brought her to her knees. Don't necessarily care of we go any faster would just like to not worry about plugging/killing it.
  4. Ok so what would u guys say is a safer power range to be in?
  5. Looking to turn up our 1486 for chopping. Looking for 200hp+. What's needed? I'm thinking 3lm or s2e turbo. Possibly aftermarket water to air intercooler. Larger radiator? And I heard at 1 time there was a high flow water pump? Also looking for a high flow hitch pump
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