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  1. I just checked mine. It is around 2", but it feels like a stiff spring, so i guess you are probably right that something is stuck in the pump.
  2. Just to make sure, that we are talking about the same. I have those 6-8 " of movement on the hand lever by seat. If i disconnect the that linkage at the pump.....then i will have those 3-4" on that lever right on the pump.........and this lever should have 6-8"? I am gonna meassure tomorrow the distance on top of the lever right at the pump again. In case it is stuck - how difficult is it to get it going again?
  3. i did that too......i have around 3" movement, but it takes some force to move it - could be in the normal range i think
  4. Thanks for the info - i will try that out. I was trying that one out. Had the diesel throttle open and that the switch level in the middle close to the middle. It definately started burning diesel OK - i will switch fuel filters and bleed the system longer and will see if it makes a difference. Filters are older. The plan was to make a full service as soon as i get it running. I have to overhaul the alternator and starter too.
  5. Hi! I am new to that forum, but was reading on it every once in a while. We bought a farm a while ago and with it came a TD9 (1951), 1066 (1976) and 1486 (1978) tractor. The TD9 was running great all the time, but after it got parked for probably 1-2 years, we were trying to get it started again but it stalls on Diesel. It fired up right away on gas, but as soon i will switch to Diesel, the engine stalls right away. On gas it runs nice and smooth. I was reading on here for a few hours but could not find the right answer yet. Following things i already checked/did: -) Diesel tank is full -) i changed the oil on the injection pump (61376) and the fuel pressure gauge tells me i have very good pressure -) i opened up the bleeding screws by the injector nozzles. On everyone “shoots“ out Diesel around 6 inches away. -) i took the valve cover off and the starting valve shaft and the compression valves are working nice and clear -) i think it tried to run on Diesel once, but friend turned it off too early. Could all injector nozzles get bad at the same time? I would expect it would run rough and maybe will miss a cyinder, but i don’t think it would not run at all. I hope someone has an idea what else it could be. Like i said before….it was always running very good and smooth. I think the previous owner spent quite a bit time on it during his retirement. Thanks Johannes
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