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  1. I found a Farmall 450 but don't have the fast hitch. Can one be installed and would there be a difference in hydrolic plumbing if the fast hitch was factory
  2. Thanks guys for all the help. Plowed with it this weekend and everything worked great
  3. Can you guys tell me exactly where the 2 hydrolic hoses mount in the back of the tractor. I have the hoses going under the seat mount not sure the correct place to mount the bracket and beable to move the hoses enough to get the fitting to work. How many split weight do guys put on Super M for plowing IH 70 plow 3-14s
  4. Thanks again for all the help. What are the secrets to checking the hydrolic oil. I have 2 90 elbows on the fill so no way of checking it there.
  5. My other question is how do I know if my 2way spool value has a relief build in it. So I will have the same issue with my IH 70 plow with only on hydrolic hose on it. I need to put the second hose on the cylinder to make everything work correctly. Or run another hose from the other outlet to the reservor.
  6. Thanks for all the info. I will clarify a few things i am pulling the oil from a hole 3/4 hole i drilled and taped from bottom of the old belly pump. The return as i was saying is going back threw the original belly pump drive. This is the how it was plumed when i got it. So here are some pictures of what i have. Last night i ripped the belly pump back out and took the pump inside out completely and this is what they did for the return. You can see how they welded the old suction hole and that to me looks like a heck of a restriction. After seeing the pictures do you guys think this could be my issues i am seeing. Thanks again
  7. I purchased a M&W Live hydrolic set up. It come with the pump, a cross valve and the belly pump conversion. My Super M serial number is 5805 not sure the year. I installed all the parts and was thinking it was working correctly until i went to a old IH Bardge Box single hydrolic hose and could only lift it 3/4 of the way up. Then on the way down about half way you could here the tractor bog a bit putting pressure some place. So i stared messing with it to figure out that on the belly pump conversion whatever that consist off where the return goes threw the old belly pump drive. With that being said the return of the hydrolic oil is charging the old belly pump and the original hydroilc lever if you pull it it will bog the engine. I think i need to move my return line to the side of the tractor were the original return would be. Has anybody seen anything like this. Thanks
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