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  1. Have a IH 392 in a 1983 S1700 and the carb on it is in bad shape from sitting the secondaries are frozen. The primaries are extremely stiff even after sitting in chem dip. Does someone have a source or know of something that will directly bolt up to this? I’m pretty dumb when it comes to carburetors so any help is appreciated. This one is a Holley and I assume it’s easiest to replace with a Holley. It is electronically governed but manual choke. Thanks
  2. One of the guys around here that pulled there , Oran Bruner, told me you couldn’t hardly see in the place back then.
  3. Neat pictures IHHogFarmer
  4. Looks like a fairly straight tractor. I always wanted one with hand clutch and 9 speed.
  5. Update 8/6/2022 Did a compression test on the tractor this morning and found only 25ish psi on 4 and 5. pulled the head off to find a blower gasket between the two. Looks to have been done for a long time as I could not find any pieces of gasket. We accidentally bent a push rod pulling the head of so I guess we are looking for a set of push rods and a head gasket kit. If anyone has push rods they would like to sell or knows a good source I would be interested.
  6. I would love to see pictures of that. I don’t necessarily want to be that big as it takes a large land base but it seems like it’s go big or go home.
  7. Neat little tractor can’t wait to see how it turns out. I need to get one of those steps for my cub!
  8. I’m not….yet (hopefully). When I was a kid it seemed like everybody had hogs and then as places closed up and 98-02 happened they all went away. I can’t think of anyone left raising in this county last guy quit last summer. Grandpa had 50 sows farrow to finish (sometimes more) he would usually buy some feeder pigs on the way home from hauling a load off too. He always said hogs were good to him, until they about sank the ship. Just curious if there were any guys left especially farrow to finish or contract? I always enjoy seeing pictures even literature pictures from equipment etc from hog farms, guess it reminds me of what was once home.
  9. No it does not have a filter. I’ve seen some of your threads of rebuilds on here and it seems you do a nice job! Tonight’s update: Replaced the plugs, wires, points, condenser, and cap. Still missing on the number 5 cylinder. Started soaking the manifold bolts with PB Blaster. Need to move some equipment around to get this in the barn. I’m afraid the next step is to remove the head. Of course will start with valve cover and look for obvious signs first.. Maybe get to that this weekend.
  10. I bought this 656 Hydro from my place of employment after they bought another tractor to replace it. It’s lived at a fertilizer plant since 1974 and on the owner of the plants farm before that. It has 2700 Hours and spent most of its life dragging anhydrous wagons between the scale and the ammonia rack. It developed a miss a year or two ago and the decision was made to side line it and replace it. I caught the guy that runs the place in a good mood and picked it up very reasonable. I have always wanted something to tinker with and hopefully paint eventually as I learn how to. It has a couple known problems: 1. Miss on the #5 and possibly #4 Cylinder. Fairly certain it’s a valve issue. 2. Hydro range selector stuck in low. It seems to be stuck in the iron next to the lever as it shifts at the transmission. 3. The wiring is horrid. The key switch terminals sometimes touch and only 2 fender lights work. Started working on it this weekend by ordering new ignition parts and pressure washing it, until my high pressure hose burst…. What do you guys use to degrease tractors before working on them? Oven cleaner? I don’t know where this one will end up but we’ve started now!
  11. I think that’s a Kinze or Killbros cart someone painted
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