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  1. Had a rough day on the mill or i woulda got better pics.. we ended up miscommunicating and his dog wasnt set and it twisted the log up in the mill..also hit a few nails. Better luck tomorrow.
  2. see the dog post on the left? The other side it pushed up against one on the other side. Wedges underneath.
  3. Interesting, ive read a couple articles on tree fungi and they all vary a bit on cause and effect. Havnt read about beetles transferring fungi but it makes perfect sense.
  4. I believe its called blue stain. Its a type of fungi said to not be harmful to the wood or humans. Ive read it will start to show itself as the tree dies off naturally. Makes sense..this particular tree had ants and beetles for some time and was cut and layed on the ground for a year. I havnt seen this in any fresh green wood ive cut.
  5. This gnarled spruce was beetle killed and im going to fill it with epoxy and make a table. Its hard to see in the pic but all those dark spots are ½" holes.
  6. Well no siding today or yesterday...cousin has been busy with other stuff and i dont dare cut his stuff without him...lol picky azzhole. It started raining a couple hrs ago and is sposed to rain the next 2 days...hes on vacation for another week so we'll be finishing the siding project either way. Did make some cuts otherwise tho...had a couple little timbers left to resaw and a gnarled spruce log to get out of the way.
  7. I know its inappropriate but....I woulda been shittin my pants!! Glad hes ok and it wound up being funny.
  8. Ace ive got a couple "jigs" i use for lap. One set is just felling wedges...makes the fat end about 1 ¼. The rest are just various length and thickness homemade wood wedges. We wedge the first cut and pull them on the next. I cant see all of what i need to in ur pics so correct me if im wrong... u have a dog pocket on one side and a dog clamp on the other? Id recommended having a dog pocket on both sides of the log. It will make jigging the log up tilted much easier. I assume ud be able to use a wood block on the clamp side pushing the log against ur dog post on the other. Im planning to saw tomorrow, so hopefully ill be able to get u some more detailed pics then.
  9. When i jig up the next log ill take more pics...its about to poor so not sure ill make it out today.
  10. So normally before the log has any flat sides, these dogs do all the holding. When doing the angled siding, i use a combo of the dog point, a dog post(slips in the square tubing) and a small block of wood.
  11. beautiful day today too. Sposed to be nice tomorrow as well...think ill mow after some milling.
  12. started a siding project for my cousin today. Coming out pretty good so far. 1 inch wedges.
  13. On the original topic...i had this friend as a kid and his mom was obsessed with Christmas. She had those little buildings, Christmas town, up all year. I actually thought it was neat, im totally into models and the like. I cant imagine all the other decorations up all year tho...i remember she had the blow up dealies in the front yard in the middle of summer. Finally friends older brother had this girlfriend that kind of implanted herself at their house and she made the mom give it up. It was kinda sad really...the mom was a jolly lady. She was just always smiles and u couldnt help but smile back.
  14. I got a bottle of this irish whiskey last Christmas. Its called hellcat maggie, i still havnt opened it. Anyone every try it? My guess is its irish fire water..
  15. Well i picked up a few more dream cars at the swap meet today....a race car, flatbed, firetruck and a gmc tanker.
  16. Most current work truck. Dents and grease on the seat...she aint no show stopper.
  17. Crazy, i was not aware they made a diesel chevette?!? Wouldnt really be a dream car choice for me but i like the idea of mileage! I will admit there is a bit of a soft spot for the car...mom had one growing up. Uncles had one they passed around too. I remember one night screwing around uncle ernie was hitting 2nd from 4th on a back road trying for the longest compression scratch he could....and he pulled the shifter out! He looked at me i looked back and he just shoved it right back in and away we went! I kinda miss chummin around with big ern..
  18. Huh, i never had an issue finding it here or oregon, maybe it is a west, north west thing. Ive had the same bottle now 3 yrs so i dont look often. I have a bottle of rumple in the bar along with a bottle of yukon jack. As i mentioned i/we dont drink really but do have a sip now and then. When the rona came along, i started doing a little apocalypse shopping....im sure if someone saw my stash, theyd think i had a problem for sure.
  19. The retail "holiday" season drives my wife nuts...i kind of like it. It reminds me of being a kid. On dads side the tree goes up thanksgiving day and usually stays til the end of January. Im kind of antisocial but i do like the parties and gatherings through the season. I dont drink but i do enjoy an old fashioned or some cold weather boozy warm up drink. Splitting kindling ill have a sip or two of some fireball or gold schlager.
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