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  1. Its a lumber tree. Popular for yielding boards.
  2. Whats the price difference? Im too lazy to look it up. I bet the quality isnt a lot different today.. My cousin swears by rigid and loves the price...but i notice he replaces his impact a lot? Ive been using a dewalt 20v impact for a few years now, no issues...was a gift. When it goes, back to Milwaukee.
  3. I peruse utoob and do have an acct but havnt post there. I had a trapperman acct(trapping forum) and did post there but got sick of the idiots. I had a fb about 10 yrs ago didnt post much and got sick of the whiny daily postings of my younger sister and others like her. Ive been told i/wife need to start a fb business acct for the mill and little farm we have...im reluctant but i have no doubt it would bring us business. I also like marketplace on fb. The ads seem to be much more reliable than CL.
  4. I take what i can get up here, although im going to look for deka now.. i used to prefer interstate or napa, ive heard they come from the same place. Ive recently gone through 2 interstate that only last 2yrs and were kept inside over winter. I had one in my chevy pickup down in oregon that was well over 10 yrs old. I have an old optima on the mill and i keep it inside over winter, i have no idea how old it is. Ive been getting walmart batteries for the price point and they seem decent. Have one in wifes chevy 3yrs now, sits outside over winter and i trickle charge it now and then. Her truck is secondary driver..little use. I have about ten batteries with 6 idle. I check them every few weeks and maintain them as necessary....i notice the wally world units always have the highest voltage. Ill admit here that ive dumpster dived a few batteries, maybe someone will sympathize with me lol...anyways only one out of like 3 didnt take a charge(all walmart). One is in my 1ton right now. The hejj is wrong with people? Just throwing away good junk...
  5. Very sorry to hear this...im sitting next to my cousin now. Our dads are twins and we're more like brothers. Cant imagine losing him so young. Im 42, hes 38.
  6. Not sure about the tractor...i know there are several smaller hay fields around. Next year we'll be doing an ag equipment show and swap meet at the farmers market, i hope to see it there. We'll have a segmant for farm trucks too! Lol
  7. It has been nice/warmer but fall none the less.
  8. saw this beauty down at the gas station today...
  9. At least it wasnt on the road....hopefully ida been smart enough to check the pressure of a visibly low tire before hand. But moving it around the yard, who cares lol! Not like it wont be a pain in the azz or anything when it digs into the ground..ha!
  10. I know one thing...the 16.5s will come right off the rim if their real low.. found out the hard way lol
  11. Very similar problems up here(interior alaska). Things get left out in the cold and then in the hot sun. Ive seen plastic items up here last one season. Then u have the rust problem...i guess long ago they were salting the roads...anything 30yrs old or older is swiss cheese.
  12. Not any help to you i spose but i just went through this on a 78 1ton dodge. It had 16.5 on it and to get into a common, affordable tire i had to find a 16.. found a wrecked truck that was 10 years newer and it had the right rims. There may be other trucks(non gm) that would work too.
  13. Ive got that same bag(cabelas) and i love it! Tho i do use it for fishing. Think ive had it 7yrs now and its still holding strong.
  14. Ian are those posts in the ground?
  15. I like it Ian, rough but uniform. There is a pole building attached to the back of my shop. Both were built 1968-70. The shop is 2 sided logs with chainsaw saddle notch(very rough) and the attached pole building is just as it sounds. I believe we counted 6 different types of tin roofing on it. Some id guess was salvaged from an earlier building and used when the shop went up. However some is modern and matches the cabin roofing. Its bittersweet knowing its all gonna come down..its a larger moron build and is well known in our little town. We do look forward to new construction tho. Ace, u snap any pics?? Bet that was a neat site to see! It occured to me the other day that id been a better fit for earlier times. Ive always thought the older folk lived vicariously through the young...im realizing ive been living vicariously through curmudgeons like my dad, uncles and some of u guys here.
  16. Dont know if this is true...but i heard somewhere that the average lifespan of one of these is about 10yrs. Put it all together, electric cars and all and this whole deal starts to look pretty dirty actually.
  17. Ill have to ask dad again but as i recall he was hauling some from oregon to be buried in Colorado. Then Colorado stopped taking them. He was making real good money hauling them but said the dump site was an atrocity. All these green ideas are good til there not i guess.
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