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  1. New guy here with questions about 500 dozers... I have read through most all of the posts in the construction forum but didnt come across much to help me make a decision. So... i went to look at a 70s dodge d300 with a 12ft flat/dump bed..easy decision on that for 500. Got to talking with the guy discussing our addiction to old iron of various types and uses when he tells me if you like that stuff dont look around the back side of the building... i looked and among the various units and parts i spyed a very good condition little dozer(500 gas). Ive been looking for a small dozer for some time and this seemed to fill the hole quite nicely. Hes asking 3500$. We fired it up and i put it through the motions. 6 way blade checked out and it went fwd back left and right. One snag with left turn is it didnt go easily with the lever like the right...right seemed quicker and smoother. I have looked into the parts game with this machine and understand. My biggest issue with this seems to be the UC, while the unit im looking at appears in good shape, i know things will need replaced at some point. I guess the question is, is it worth it? ANYthing up here is expensive and im getting used to it. It would be used around my property with the occasional journey to a friends place. Ill be going past his place tomorrow and will try to post some pics while im there...my internet is spotty at best. Thanks
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