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  1. Yeah i think im gonna take the tests this winter....im not sure why by im kinda hooked on this radio stuff.
  2. Beam saw. Wood. The black thing under it is just a plastic cradle. I have seen a couple videos of a guy cutting concrete with this saw but it seems so abusive.
  3. I drove for a while and when i was in a swift truck(laugh it up, the rumors are true)it had never had a cb in it. Im kind of glad too, i cant imagine what folks would have said to me. When i did local p and d in portland only a few trucks had cbs. Id always turn it on when i got a rig that had one. Ud here a little bit of useful info but was mostly guys talking chit to each other. My dad and uncles hual/hauled for the lumber mills on the west coast and it was pretty necessary to have cb on location. My dad, bless his 70yr old trucker azz, is hauling granite blocks right now and uses the cb daily on location. Growing up i spent a lot of hours in the passenger seat and things were way different back then...pretty much every channel was on fire. I remember laughin it up listening to those guys..my dads got a temper and ive heard him say some pretty funny stuff over the radio.
  4. https://youtu.be/ZIpNdeRfuvM
  5. Correction..its about 40 ft up.
  6. Im happy with my sirio 2008 but theyve recently jacked the price up. I paid around 150 they are almost 300 now. Ive heard good things about the antron a99 too. If u have a radio shop nearby id start there.. power supply on amazon for around 50 bucks. The sirio i have is about 20 ft long and ive got it about 30 up, gonna go another 10 but need to set up guy wire at that point.
  7. Anyone know "mud duck station" new mexico?
  8. Picking up Alabama and colorado today. So far im unable to get a radio check. Colorado trucker was chattering about hauling weed lol Some guy keeps coming in loud and clear and just repeats costco lasgna...and then smacks his lips and says mmmm.
  9. I do both. Drill dr on smaller stuff and bench grinder for big stuff.
  10. I just cant let this stuff go! But sadly i have begun to reason with myself...if it sits over a winter and doesnt get used the next summer it goes back. There isnt usually a dump employee at this site and even when they are there they dont say anything. I think the only thing that will getcha in trouble is dumping a whole car, leaving trash outside the dumpsters or vandalism.
  11. Arizonian, ive wondered about this myself. We're not too far from a military base and i suspect a lot of stuff gets tossed when moving out of state. Another thing ive encountered is someone dies and family from the lower comes up, has a garage sale and the left over gets hauled away. 3 yrs ago a lady down our road lost her husband and after a garage sale she gave me the rest of the lot. I think the guy was a plumber or handy man.. ive got boxes of plumbing parts and fixtures...bunch of electrical stuff too. She wouldnt take my money, just had to be gone that day. 2 pickup loads. That shovel has a small crack but nothing 60 seconds of mig couldnt fix. The hilift was gummed up so bad the pins wouldnt pop, some brake clean and a little spray lube fixed that. The list goes on, all the crap ive hauled home...most has been put to use, some has been hauled right back to the dump. Lol Sandhiller, i can think of 100 uses for this. Not sure id buy one so this will be kind of a test. Lol we'll see if i can get it running. There was water in the cylinder but i did clear it out and get it to run briefly. I wonder about getting carb parts for it.
  12. Just the shovel and hilift.
  13. I think so, it says o and r engine on it somewhere.
  14. Anyone else a junk picker? Lol
  15. So there is a dump tranfer site a few miles away from us...i get bored or need to take out the trash, i always do some pickin. Scored a hilift brand jack that was barely used a couple months ago. Today i found this! Took it home and with a little work, got it to fire and run a few seconds. Its not sucking gas into the line so ill have to get deeper into it.
  16. Sweet 10 10s! I think i have a couple in the saw pile...cousin has a runner he wants to send off to west coast saws.
  17. Awesome, ive been following along on utoob!
  18. Im jealous....all these different species u guys get to saw up...sheesh.
  19. They must not know some of us take country of origin seriously..
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