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  1. We hit a milepost last week....they learned to lift a leg. Using this to my advantage, ive secretly been teaching them to pee on cousins tires when he comes over...
  2. Its sposed to be up to 40f Sunday and a few days after. But as of now we got about 3". I have a little bit to pick up in the yard and im done for the winter....well with projects that arnt trapping anyways.
  3. Maybe you'll buy one now? Heck of a machine right there.
  4. Im pretty much done milling for the year. Got a couple small logs left to saw into posts. Sposed to get snow tonight, we'll see. Im backed up on sharpening...not sure how many i have hanging and will have a bunch belonging to a friend.
  5. I will now call it the podger. Lol cant wait to ask my cousin to hand it to me.
  6. Picked up this proto wrench the other day. Scaffold wrench? Either way its pretty handy...dang near every bolt on my mill is 9/16. I use the pick end to back off the band adjuster.
  7. Well they must be practicing! Lol
  8. When we saw them they were still clustered together. Could only see two separately, one out in front and one behind. I dont want to start a tinfoil hat debate lol but im still not entirely sure it was starlink...we looked up pictures and it really didnt match what we saw.
  9. I shouldnt laugh at that...but i do, i cant imagine how that would work up here.
  10. Um im gonna need to see more pictures of that chalmers please!
  11. We see the B52s pretty frequently, absolutely an amazing machine. Its boggling to me that it stays up in the air. Im terrified of flying but am somehow fascinated by these machines!
  12. I looked up the b1, i think thats it. I remember it being more triangular shaped but i only saw it briefly. I forgot to mention a few weeks back wife and i were taking the dogs out fairly late...we saw what we think was starlink. She looked it up and they had launched earlier that day out of California.(ill have to ask her again to verify). What we saw looked like a long led light bar floating across the sky silently. We thought we were watching a ufo lol. It was spectacular.
  13. We dont live too far from an airforce base and the last week or so has been non stop air traffic. All varieties of craft including a few we dont see often like this jet resembling the concord...i think its a bomber of sorts. Bunch of jumbo type cargo jets with fighter escorts this last week(this happens at night a lot too). Couple days ago we saw 20 apache type helicopters fly over...low enough we could see the pilots. Every day the F35s are over us. This is somewhat unusual since we've been here. Anyone else notice any activity?
  14. I have a hard enough time getting in an airplane now! All i can think about is it going up in flames...dont they already have a bunch of restrictions on shipping batteries?
  15. Ha! I didnt see the 4 helmets at first. U know though, i love my USED minivan when its not being a pos. The seats come out and its a cargo van. Not worried if the dogs dog it up. Its got awd. Nobody looks twice at it, stealthy.
  16. Another one of the greats gone. A real woman.
  17. If i could whip out my phone quick enough, id catchem doin some real goofy stuff...one of these days i need to just follow them around with the camera for a bit. Buddy the skinnier one has this habit of sneaking up, sitting down and silently observing...its kinda creepy turning around and hes right there. He looks with his eyes a lot instead of moving his head. We call it the side eye.
  18. I had a prazi unit at one time and it does serve its purpose...good for joinery. The 16 5/16 was at the pawn shop for 200 bucks in near new condition! I couldnt walk away from it.
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