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  1. Caught this channel the other day...been watching whenever i can! https://youtu.be/0SXI83w2KFk
  2. Yes to an extent. Since we talked months ago, we've been talking about every 2 weeks. He wants to move back up north... Id like that. I miss turning wrenches with him.
  3. Ive been running almost those exact words through my head for a while now..
  4. Im sorry for your loss and thanks for asking. I just stink at this stuff..funny what gets at ya, ya know. When my mom passed(cancer) we knew and had time to prepare and say our last words. I knew my friend, Gary, would end up this way but the prepare part was different.. also the guilt of getting pist at him and pushing him away for almost 10 yrs now is just fn killin me.....i knew i couldnt help him but i was a sh!t friend for doing so....selfish of me. Im really trying not to beat myself up but its hard, i feel like a pile of sh!t.
  5. The other one(Buddy) will be spared due to his heart issue...
  6. Wish i could say better....and was kind of embarrassed? to admit it but on top of other small drama, i had a life long friend drink himself to death. Still trying to cope with things. Thanks for asking. I try to be a tough guy but for some reason it keeps hitting me in the guts.
  7. Motorboat'n requires some real internal comBUSTion!
  8. Being from western Oregon we have not experienced any quakes more than a couple points. Really just makes me nervous about this old cabin.
  9. Frank is now Frankie no nuts. Poor lil guy had to have multiple cuts as one of his lil balls was tucked in some muscles..300 dollar neuter turned 1200!
  10. Had an argument back in high school about engine/motor definition...he stopped talking when i told him to put in a call to general motors and ford motor company..
  11. 4.0 quake 9 miles west of us just now...shook the whole cabin!
  12. Sandhiller! The crack in my heart just got bigger. Sad to hear the story, glad u were able to take the pup.
  13. I hate to say it but thats the cutest fire truck ive seen yet! Lol
  14. -20 here this morning. Cow and two calves in the yard...pruned my choke cherry trees for me.
  15. ´╗┐https://trapperman.com/forum/ubbthreads.php/topics/7698856/its-been-roughly-50-years-since-m-a-s-h#Post7698856 U on trapperman??
  16. Jeeper, what company is that??
  17. About 8" now but is sposed to let up around 3am..
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