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  1. I figured something like that lol. Ya i am pretty happy with their service. Havnt had too many companies stand behind a product like that.
  2. I really like the idea of ham...but dont have the time for a license. Guess u wouldnt need one in shtf scenario.
  3. Snake-knife? I did the flashlight warranty..but ill accept another knife!
  4. U guys are awesome! Great information. Im not too concerned with anyone hearing me...ill be listening mostly. There are a few in my neck of the woods already using them tho and i may keep up with them.
  5. So.. ive been thinking about short distance(as far as it will go) communication. My main focus is power out shtf situations. I have a few cbs and was thinking of setting one up as a base station in the cabin. Thought of running a power supply and when things get dark hooking to a battery. Id appreciate any thoughts and experience/wisdom on this. Thanks
  6. Gotta say i love this thread! Firetrucks! Those 70s international trucks are sweet.
  7. I always buy #1 anyway.. we only use about 200 gallons a year to heat water... Reminds me its time to change the filter on the boiler.
  8. This is the rich at the tanana river and boondox bar. Pick does no justice..probly 2" of solid ice under the snow.
  9. Well just made a trip to town...road conditions pretty bad but manageable. Hwy is mostly cleared but only one lane going through north pole. Lots of folks doing 35 on hwy.
  10. Im here, power has been off and on. The worst for us was sunday to monday with about a 12 hr outage. We have over a ft of new snow. Im about to finish a cup of coffee and head into town with cousin. I had a couple water pipe failures over the weekend...not related to the cold. I should have listened about waiting to blow snow....got dang driveway is an ice rink with ruts from genius cousin. Cant say id wanna be anywhere else tho...if we could afford property maybe Montana Wyoming Utah or something...sure the cattlemen wouldnt want the likes of me around lol.
  11. How are we liking freezing rain on top of a ft of snow?
  12. Yup sposed to get deep, we'll see. Not sure ill have a job after next week lol.
  13. Well pipe fixed! It pays to be a hoarder...have a pipe nipple stash left to me from the old timer that built this cabin. I was thinking about the fun in the snow post and i remember having a LOT of goof time...but i sure am glad i paid attention to the older folks growing up. I have a crew at work of mostly 20 somethings...they are good kids but lack in being able to fend for themselves. As an example while having a bbq my wife discovered one of them had no idea what a can opener is...like the handled type. He said he had never used one. She asked if he ever ate canned food, his reply was yes but his mom always made it....
  14. Oh and dont forget the 3ft berm the plow truck left at the end of my driveway! Lol
  15. Bummer. Its that time of year.. one car in the shop, the well pump decided to start leaking....and i have a 15lb prime rib to roast!..
  16. Well yeah, if the boss tells me to stay put im stayin in bed for at least a couple more hrs..lol
  17. Hey welder, u mind if i use ur post here. Seems odd to me to start another one..anyway i dont mean to step on ur toes.
  18. Im about 50 miles south of fairbanks and we still have power. Hwy is covered about a ft. Boss called and told me to stay put..put i will. Gonna start moving snow when the sun comes up.
  19. Heres the door at work lol...not trapping heat.
  20. 72 sounds good....but, the trappin here is so good!
  21. Its warming up a bit...its about -36 in fairbanks..lol
  22. Getting ready to head to work...
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