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  1. 2 hours ago, hardtail said:

    Sorry to hear, how is Frankie doing?

    Frank is bein a dog, he is good. We are working on agility training. Hes a mini but his hearding instinct is strong. 20231011_190230.thumb.jpg.09bb957808b107a89e066e46fafeb837.jpg20231011_190140.thumb.jpg.c43909df28c3ea897ffba3dfa0ef9e1d.jpg

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  2. 16 minutes ago, Alan Dinan said:

    Sorry to hear that twolines My condolences 

    Thank you. Its amazing how these furry little beasts work their way into our hearts. He went pretty quick like the doc said. The neighbor dog had come over to play and he got too excited and his big heart just gave up.

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  3. 20221224_142030.thumb.jpg.947ff9a0e7a15b6d91eb76b66e4a6031.jpg20221028_131943.thumb.jpg.3c697c148bc122963f2670c6e48ef4f8.jpg20221001_121616.thumb.jpg.a321d3912a82f2aee0da73deead3a523.jpg20220507_175442.thumb.jpg.0da7484e63f94750549833ca3fd66fc9.jpgBeen a while since ive been on to redpower. Been busy as usual. 

    In addition to the pre winter hustle we lost our Buddy boy. We knew the time would come as he was born with heart defects. He was a good boy.

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  4. Update. Dad made it back with parts and we got the axle put back under the trailer. We left McLeod around 4. He trained me well and between the 2 of us we got it done. We are in Dawson Creek right now and he's cooking breakfast for dinner. 

    It's been hard. We have been yelling at each other under the mental stress of it all. Somehow I think this is all supposed to happen. We even talked of my mom(she passed a while ago, they divorced when I was 3). I haven't bonded with my dad in a long time and I fear this trip will be the last of this "hard" bonding... at the same time there will be future bonding over softer things like fishing and tinkering on projects together. I don't know that our relationship will ever be perfect but I'll take what I can get! 

    Thank u guys for responding! We really were pretty screwed there for a minute and I really had no idea we'd get through it. I need to learn to have a little more faith in myself and the old man.

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  5. Anyone in the McLeod BC area? Dad ran his trailer off the road and tore the front axle off the spring. He's going to unhitch and head back to prince george in the morning to round up some u bolts and maybe some heavier springs. We located some trailer shops there and of course napa....any other ideas on what to do, where to look? 

    Any help is appreciated....

    Also if you saw me on the side of the hwy on my knees praying, I'm not crazy.....it was just finally time for me to ask God for help.

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  6. 4 hours ago, td9inidaho said:

    Those are pretty indestructible transmissions there. Have one in one of my fords, tranny transfer have atleast 300,000 miles through them. That trucks on its third motor, and who only knows how many clutches ,  also have that tranny in a 79 bronco 



    2 hours ago, oleman said:

    I have an NP435 on my workbench was behind a 70's 318, has drive yoke yokes for the diesel. Never got around to installing it in the Ramcharger we had.

    Only thing wrong is the shift knob is gone. 2WD application, or isolated transfer case.

    $1, to anyone that shows up, garage cleanup!

    Has new seals and input and output bearings AND the main to cluster bearing. also a new engine oil pump for the 318/360.


    That 435 i pictured on the floor is about half assembled...im still waiting on a few parts! Also found the top cover is cracked..i can use it but im kinda looking for another one.

  7. 5 hours ago, acem said:

    Looks like an old akr force truck.


    Sure is! The old door lettering is still somewhat visible. After the usaf it was used by the school district... the guy gave me some pre/post trip paper work on it from then. 

    It has some dings and such but is surprisingly straight and rust free. It has a rebuilt 360(6k) and an auto.

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  8. 11 hours ago, AKwelder said:

    Correct.  Which tranny?  Maybe a manual with cold fluid?  Would not surprise me at all.   

    Th400. So this morning i contacted the local trans shop this unit was supposedly rebuilt by and they have no record of the guys name or the vehicle it is in. He also said shutting the engine down to shift into low is bull with the exception that there is an underlying issue..is worn out, has a shift rail issue or even severly low on fluid..it was leaking. Either way they didnt disclose the reconstructed brand on the title, so i walked. Had they been honest from the get go i may have been more flexible.

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  9. Thanks guys! Plenty of answers/info to confirm my opinion. I knew IH guys on redpower would come through! 

    Also the guy tried to pass me a COPY of the title...lol that was kind of my first red flag...although he insists dmv will honor it. Was sposed to meet him there this morning but have ultimately backed out... 

  10. Hey guys, looking at buying this 81 gmc k35. Its 350/th400/205. Took it for a test drive and all seemed well..shifted fine and went down the hwy no problem. Got back to the meet up place and went to go about shifting through hi lo on the case just to make sure. Sitting there in neutral, engine running shifted to 4 hi smoothly. Went to put it in 4 low and it grinds.. waited grinds again. Then the guy says "oh yeah u have to shift it into 4lo with the engine off"... i ask why..he says "all 205s shift this way" i politely disagree as i have a 1 ton dodge with a 205 that shifts into 4 lo just fine while engine is running...in fact ive never had to kill any vehicle with a 205 to shift 4lo. Well just out of curiosity i killed it and promptly shifted into 4lo...put it in drive and confirmed it worked. So what gives? What am i missing? 


  11. On 12/23/2022 at 5:50 PM, AKwelder said:

    Well I was think of this today. 

    We didn’t get to the lister before the season ended, and my buddy left for the year, so we will be going off the beaten path in the spring to drag her out.  On top of that I am a weeee bit behind on projects and was not ready to install it yet.  

    On a different note, so far we have been on the little suitcase generator twice today, and 7 or 8 times this winter. And we have had quite a few short hits (less than 10 minutes).  I hope your doing well @Twolines with this weather.


    Sweet britches has decided my priorities will be different this spring, cause this sucks. She has had to drag the suitcase gen set out and hook up three times to keep the pellet stove from filling the house with smoke. I did break down and buy a UPS ago keep the dang stove running for those minor outages.


    so now I am trying to figure out where to order a PTO generator, if I buy it to big I will have to get a larger tractor…oh what a slippery slope

    Thanks for the mention. We've been fortunate so far this year with only brief outages. Its been down in the -40s for almost a week now but we've had the stove rolling so good there. 

    A friend of a friend died a couple years ago down the way from us and ive been offered a bunch of stuff from his estate. I will know more after break up..but one piece ill be taking is an old IH generator. They say its a 12kw and is gas but the pics they showed me, it looks like diesel. Ill take it either way. Theres also 2 IH track loaders and a dozer they want to push my way along with an ancient excavator? Not sure of the exact term but its all cable....drag line shovel? We havnt talked prices yet but sounds like they just really want the stuff off the property. 

    Merry Christmas everyone!

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  12. 29 minutes ago, forwhldrv said:

    Good old New England it’s full of history all around us. We are not far off the Connecticut river and a few other decent sized rivers that were major Indian routes during French Indian wars and forts were built along it during the revolutionary war too so lots of  American history in our back yards. It too bad Massachusetts is know for Massholes now because of the people that live within 30 miles of the ocean. I’ve been down through Concord mass where Paul Revere rode on his famous ride. The old house we have has a small room built in it by the back of the fire place. We were told it was to hide people in during the revolutionary war. 

    Have you gone to the "city" to research ur home? My cabin is only from the late 60s...but upon digging into property lines(spent hrs at the borough building) and having a survey, i found our property was used as a pasture for a small dairy that was on our road. In addition there was record of a small cabin on our property from the 30s...i found the location and metal detectored a bunch of artifacts...im still digging back there. So far ive found some brass buttons, bottles, pottery and shells(not American).

  13. 1 hour ago, forwhldrv said:

    This was me last winter fixing a frozen baseboard heat water pipe on the north side of the house by the door. You can see the hand hewn beam in the photo for a sill plate. I opted to cut a hole in the floor rather than crawl the 20 feet up through the crawl space to get to it in the area that is only about 14-16” deep 






    This is the history im interested in.. it may seem insignificant to some but to me these logs that became homes and many other things are proof of who really built this country.

  14. 10 hours ago, forwhldrv said:

    The house is stuck built it’s a 2 car garage with an enclosed porch that allows access to the apartment upstairs. The main farm house has some original timber frame in it lots of hand hewn beams still showing in the basement the first part of the main farmhouse was built in 1760’s I guess the old set of stairs in it going to the basement are hand hewn logs with the topside axed flat for the treads. The house is built around a massive fireplace in the center of the old house. 

    Well if u ever feel comfortable letting us in, id like to see more. Thanks for the description.

  15. I can 2 step to almost anything but this girl gets my foot tapping somethin fierce! I miss the folks that taught me these things of old....and it feels good to remember them every time i hear these songs.. love u gramma!

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