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    Most anything that moves and is made of iron.
    Log milling and building, timber framing. Collecting early wood working tools and using them.
    Collecting and tinkering.
    Trapping, hunting and fishing...fishing for buts' and putting up fur is living the dream for me.
    Cant forget guns. Like those a good bit too.
    Most of all id like to thank my wife, my sponsors and supporters. Left hand milling, beck motors, coors light, crowly fuel, thank all of you, we just couldnt have made it this far and done this well without you.

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  1. Hardtail, it wasnt gold was it?? Dads was a 4 door too.
  2. I dont remember how old i was when dad taught me to back up a little yard trailer with the monkey wards riding mower...but i do remember it being a great day. Same with the first time i sat in his lap and steered the 65 malibu on the way home from a monster truck show. These kids will remember this stuff forever.
  3. Seen this video before, love the part where the s10 blazer dang near ran that light...wonder if he was trying to give him a run lol. I always really liked the 68-70 roadrunner best(not sure of year cut off). Uncle had a friend that had a 68, think it had a 383? In it. Very quick car. Same uncle had a dart with a 340, also stoopid fast. If u guys are perusing utoob look for walter grosse and his turbo mustang. I grew up with this guy, top notch mechanic. I tease him about his affection to ford lol i think he gets spanked buy a supra in one video and a grand national in another. His mustang is pretty sweet though, last i knew he was still running twin turbo.
  4. Since we are on the subject of trapping and using all of the catch or as much as one can.... any of u try eating beaver(he he not joking about what ur thinking)? If u have not, try in some time its delicious. Wife calls it creek beef. My favorite is slicing the little back strap into medallions and making teriyaki...good stuff. We've also made it pot roast style, if u close ur eyes ud swear u were eating beef.
  5. Another for the record here...skunk quill has value. In oregon i trapped a good many in tubes. As with any critter id catch and kill i make the most out of the catch. If u flip the skunk over on its back and feel around between its thighs, ull feel two "pods". Take a syringe and poke in there and suck out nuclear high lighter fluid. Have a 2oz bottle with the rubber center lid and squirt it in there. Every state i know of has trapping conventions and it can be sold there...there are also many lure makers online that will buy it. Of course please check ur state regs first. Also the skull and other glands will be worth while too...the fur is not prime right now so it will have no real value...but if one wanted it could be home tanned and hung on the wall.
  6. So whats the verdict? We need closure..lol
  7. Yeah, wife is on a site that has a fire map and it seems like the whole damn state is on fire with all the marker dots..not sure of the site shes on.
  8. X2 for Bradley. Although i have heard good things about Louisiana grills...i dont know a single person that owns one. Ive had a couple digi smokers treager and such and i guess im just old school...well, except the evening crocs for my hamburger feet. I find they fail at some point..but the old offset is always there. Ill admit i like the set it and forget it convenience but i feels wrong lol its like camping without a campfire...
  9. Good luck. I think the above metioned dispatch methods will net better results. As far as slow...dont think so. Ive seen a skunk run backward on its front legs azz in the air spraying at a pretty good clip. Got his target too. I can attest to no amount of anything getting that stink off also. Just time.
  10. I agree that war is dumb...but ask china russia and a few others what they think.
  11. Ive wondered about not planting..literally and metaphorically. When will WE wake up and realize WE are the ones that run this machine?
  12. Some may be weak or dead... but not likely the ones who have been "doing for themselves" this whole time.
  13. Nitrogen and nature minster?? What the heck is even that? Sounds like they might be ticked about this green new deal bs over there too.. Where do the elites think theyll hide when they starve and piss off the masses to the full degree?
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