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    Most anything that moves and is made of iron.
    Log milling and building, timber framing. Collecting early wood working tools and using them.
    Collecting and tinkering.
    Trapping, hunting and fishing...fishing for buts' and putting up fur is living the dream for me.
    Cant forget guns. Like those a good bit too.
    Most of all id like to thank my wife, my sponsors and supporters. Left hand milling, beck motors, coors light, crowly fuel, thank all of you, we just couldnt have made it this far and done this well without you.

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  1. I had a dewalt and liked it for small projects. Would have like to see what it could do with a helical head. Now i have a 15" delta from the 80s..way bigger capacity. Ive done a lot of flooring with this unit.
  2. Well im no electical genius...so dont quote me lol. But i had a set of led lights from chiner that said 3-24v? They were hooked up in a 12v system and seemed to work fine.
  3. Ours is about 4x8 as well. We have 12 in there now. My theory was small space better body heat. Ive come in there and seen 3 of those big azz birds in one box! No social issues yet. The future coop will be 20x14.
  4. I didnt know either so i asked the wife...she told me its what happens when im being lazy. No really im learning a lot here. Thanks for posting.
  5. How many birds u got in there gearhead?
  6. Dont forget snacks in addition to regular feed...we do scraps and worms. I dont know that it is an advantage to them but they seem to perk up for the goodies.
  7. We have buff orpington and they made it through -50.. we have a 150w ceramic lamp hanging in the coop but it only keeps it about 10 to 15 degrees warmer. Some have a little frost damage to their comb but no foot issues. We just keep adding bedding to the coop as it gets soiled..it will end up being almost 2' thick come thaw and break up. If i have time this summer ill be buliding a chicken "barn" lol with a non electric waste oil heater in it..will be cushy then. We have 12 birds now and still get enough eggs over winter to feed wife and I.....and cousin(freeloader) lol.
  8. I did just start looking..ive become more interested as i get older. Not sure of towns other than city of Memphis..but not sure they actually lived in Memphis either. I have not contacted Memphis pd figuring they have bigger problems currently. I had not thought of the cencus, good idea.
  9. Great grandpa was a lawman, i have his ticket book and .38..he was Memphis police. Thats about all i know other than half the family were hillbillies and cowboys while the other half were property owners.
  10. Anyone know any Moores from Tennessee or Georgia. Ive lost my family from Oregon back.
  11. I didnt think through the first wedding ring i bought... second time i thought it through tho...
  12. I operate heavy equipment every night for about 30 minutes. Dont get paid for it either.
  13. I cant resist either.. broken fords up here all over.. never do see a broken chebby. Lol im a mopar guy too..no real reason to defend gm..just an observation.
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