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    Most anything that moves and is made of iron.
    Log milling and building, timber framing. Collecting early wood working tools and using them.
    Collecting and tinkering.
    Trapping, hunting and fishing...fishing for buts' and putting up fur is living the dream for me.
    Cant forget guns. Like those a good bit too.
    Most of all id like to thank my wife, my sponsors and supporters. Left hand milling, beck motors, coors light, crowly fuel, thank all of you, we just couldnt have made it this far and done this well without you.

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  1. Th400. So this morning i contacted the local trans shop this unit was supposedly rebuilt by and they have no record of the guys name or the vehicle it is in. He also said shutting the engine down to shift into low is bull with the exception that there is an underlying issue..is worn out, has a shift rail issue or even severly low on fluid..it was leaking. Either way they didnt disclose the reconstructed brand on the title, so i walked. Had they been honest from the get go i may have been more flexible.
  2. Thanks guys! Plenty of answers/info to confirm my opinion. I knew IH guys on redpower would come through! Also the guy tried to pass me a COPY of the title...lol that was kind of my first red flag...although he insists dmv will honor it. Was sposed to meet him there this morning but have ultimately backed out...
  3. Hey guys, looking at buying this 81 gmc k35. Its 350/th400/205. Took it for a test drive and all seemed well..shifted fine and went down the hwy no problem. Got back to the meet up place and went to go about shifting through hi lo on the case just to make sure. Sitting there in neutral, engine running shifted to 4 hi smoothly. Went to put it in 4 low and it grinds.. waited grinds again. Then the guy says "oh yeah u have to shift it into 4lo with the engine off"... i ask why..he says "all 205s shift this way" i politely disagree as i have a 1 ton dodge with a 205 that shifts into 4 lo just fine while engine is running...in fact ive never had to kill any vehicle with a 205 to shift 4lo. Well just out of curiosity i killed it and promptly shifted into 4lo...put it in drive and confirmed it worked. So what gives? What am i missing? Thanks
  4. Thanks for the mention. We've been fortunate so far this year with only brief outages. Its been down in the -40s for almost a week now but we've had the stove rolling so good there. A friend of a friend died a couple years ago down the way from us and ive been offered a bunch of stuff from his estate. I will know more after break up..but one piece ill be taking is an old IH generator. They say its a 12kw and is gas but the pics they showed me, it looks like diesel. Ill take it either way. Theres also 2 IH track loaders and a dozer they want to push my way along with an ancient excavator? Not sure of the exact term but its all cable....drag line shovel? We havnt talked prices yet but sounds like they just really want the stuff off the property. Merry Christmas everyone!
  5. Have you gone to the "city" to research ur home? My cabin is only from the late 60s...but upon digging into property lines(spent hrs at the borough building) and having a survey, i found our property was used as a pasture for a small dairy that was on our road. In addition there was record of a small cabin on our property from the 30s...i found the location and metal detectored a bunch of artifacts...im still digging back there. So far ive found some brass buttons, bottles, pottery and shells(not American).
  6. This is the history im interested in.. it may seem insignificant to some but to me these logs that became homes and many other things are proof of who really built this country.
  7. Well if u ever feel comfortable letting us in, id like to see more. Thanks for the description.
  8. U ever watch mr chickadees timber framing videos? Good stuff.
  9. Nice lights, but love that house! Stick frame? Timber frame? If its a timber frame and ur willing, id love to see more pics of it.
  10. "That ur sister? Or ur aunt? Either way, teller to hop eein we got room"
  11. To all the truckers just trying to make it back to that someone.... i know u hated this song uncle dave but it reminds me of u.. hope u got them twin sticks up there next to u.
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