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  1. I would like for my wife and sons to be able to drive the 9 but neither have the leg strength needed to depress the clutch, hold it in and then gently let up to engage. Anything I can do to help them out?
  2. Will be a winter project when I rebuild the shifter linkage... I am planning to just remove the guts of the valve so that I can keep the original plumbing.... will let you know what happens!
  3. Thanks Stonger800 and ksfarmdude for the replies and advice!
  4. So, open up the valve and take all the guts out? it just started acting up this spring with a no till grain drill on it and I just wrote it off as something wrong with the rented drill.... now it is doing it on my 480 disk and never used to...
  5. yes, I assume this is the check valve... right?
  6. What would cause my hydraulic implement to chatter when lowering? Disk, planter, drill, all will drop then stop then drop then stop... no issue with 3pt or when raising hydraulic implement, only when lowering...
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