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  1. That’s the compression test results. I did them 2 times on each cylinder. I did not add a drop of oil yet before next compression test. From what I’ve read these numbers should be within 10% of each other. They are close but not sure if one result is significant over the others. It’s a pretty popular consensus that a valve/valves are the problem. I’m not sure how to set the points Acem, but I can get help here for that. Definitely worth a try! Thanks again for the help. I’m going to dig into this all the way and let you guys know what the problem/problems are
  2. We have been gone all weekend. Going to do a compression test tomorrow. I will report what I find and definitely report what problem and solution is. Again. Thanks for your help! I’ll get you guys the dry and wet numbers as I get them.
  3. My 1963 560 is now making a popping sound from the exhaust as it runs. Replaced all spark plugs. Has a new cap also. Any ideas. Thanks. BTW just bought this ol girl 2 months ago so I’m definitely a rookie. Thanks again
  4. I will try that out after this weekend. We are mounting the 2000 loader on it Sunday if all goes well🤞🏻🤞🏻 Won’t need to run it till following weekend. Thank you!
  5. Hey all. New here. Just bought a 1963 560 gas tractor and love it. Had it for maybe 2 months. It just recently won’t turnover if I don’t run her for 5 days or so. Of course I charge it and we’re fine. Just wondering what are common things I should check for that can be causing this. It’s a battery bought in August of this year and I’m getting 13.2 colts on her at half throttle. It seems a little low as I know I should be at 14-14.4. But I have not checked her wide open. This reading was at the battery posts. I’ve seen posts about the voltage regulator and possibly the generator but I am again very new here so don’t assume that “everyone” knows that. Lol. Thanks in advance! Aaron
  6. Thanks for the response. The model at tractor Mikes is the first one that I came across. It looks beefier. Only problem is they are 8-10 weeks out for shipment. Need something sooner if possible but then again I can’t part the Red Sea either lol
  7. Hello all. New to the forum. I have a gasser 560 that I just bought an IH 2000 loader for. I was wondering if there are any other brands of quick attach plates available other than from tractor Mikes? I see the Titans version but haven’t seen any of them on a IH tractor. Thanks!
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