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  1. Well shoot was cleaning out the truck and found some paperwork zip tied to the steering column, opened it up and found the Line Setting Ticket, also the engine is a VS478
  2. I will get some pictures and try to upload them tonight. It is a twin screw set up, with hydraulic brakes. The front diff pumpkin is a 12 bolt, end of axle is 6 bolt. The story is guy sold it to someone, they were driving it home and managed to blow it up (My guess is they didn’t know how to drive that 5+4 and sent the rpm’s to the moon), and somehow they managed to limp it back to the original owner. So now we have swapped the diesel in, I’m not sure what the owner is wanting to do with the old eng/trans.
  3. Converted a 1974 Loadstar F1800 Tandem Axle, Max GVW of 39,000, from the 345 V8 with the 5+4 trans to a DT466 with a 10 speed. I am now looking to swap out the ring & pinions to a ratio that would better fit the diesel because at the moment it cruises 45mph in 10th gear. I am not finding anything on the axles to point me in the right direction and am hoping someone here can. Thanks for the help in advance!
  4. Awesome thank you all! I will look into that kit.
  5. Thank you! I appreciate the response. How about for the cab bushings? I’m guessing I will just need to find something similar to factory but if there’s any that are recommended I would rather go that route
  6. Restoring a Custom Cab for a 1456, does anyone know who offers the best interior kits? Or am I better off sourcing materials myself? Thanks in advance.
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