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  1. So the center wobble shaft is also worn where is rides in the lower bearing. Is that shaft just a very tight press fit into the frame? Any info on replacing that pin? Thanks
  2. Thanks for that info. Even of it's a struggle, I now know it can be done and will not just be wasting time.
  3. So is it possible to change the lower "needle" bearing without removing the "wobble part" from the frame?
  4. Having done some more research, Abilene machine has a picture of a replacement pulley, and there are threads in it. One of the 4 bolts came loose on the upper wobble box frame, leaving the other corner bearing the load and it cracked. The lower "needle" bearing is worn and I plan on replacing it if it will come off the shaft. Any thoughts on replacing that bearing? It's PN 1316463C91
  5. I have an 820 header with wobble box issues. The upper wobble box frame is cracked and the bolts need replacing. The only way to replace the bolts is to remove the driven pulley. Is it threaded on? Pressed on? Heat, oil, big power tools, etc and we cannot get the pulley off. Any suggestions? Also need to replace the needle bearing on the bottom of the wobble box. Seems straight forward, but nothing ever is.
  6. Thanks for that info. So I guess you didn't ever do anything about it? Just kept running it. . .?
  7. The machine drives strong. The motor does not give indication of being worn. It has about 2600 hours. I would like to replace just the seals if possible without getting into the the other parts of the motor and without specialized tools. It's the item 1 assembly in the picture.
  8. I have a 1420 combine. The hydraulic reservoir was nearly empty, but there was no evidence of substantial leak on the ground. I then discovered the transmission was absolutely full of fluid. I drained 3 gallons from the fill port on the side of the transmission. It seems hydraulic fluid may be leaking from the hydrostatic motor, through the drive shaft housing and into the transmission. Is this possible? How difficult are the seals to replace on the drive motor? Any special tools required?
  9. ISO an International 1420 combine with a serial number before 5500 that is scrapped for parts. I need a RH axle drive shaft. Part number 533738R1. Thanks.
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