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  1. I’ve seen some discussions on turning up these pumps. I have a late 82/83 s1900 dump truck. Power is lacking and was wondering what I can do to get another 75hp or so out of it or more if safe...


    A few questions...


    I’ve seen talk of adjusting the pump but not a specific picture or diagram of what’s what. Does anyone have a detailed guide on how to do this? 


    A turbo swap may be in the cards if temps soar which is fine but I haven’t seen what a safe amount of boost is on these models. I’ve read different model dt466 have different pistons. How much boost can we run on 100 percent factory engine? What is a direct bolt up turbo that will keep this cool under load? I would prefer not to deal with an intercooler unless absolutely necessary. Is egts the main concern or should I be concerned about the engine handling additional power even if kept cool? Maybe that’s unrealistic loaded without an intercooler.

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