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  1. Appreciate that insight. Strange. Will go try and track one down. The local dealer seemed shocked that I inquired about parts for something this old
  2. Do you think hydraulic hose will cause loss in power?
  3. Is oem hose regular heater hose? how do we turn up the pump I really have no idea what I’m looking at and have searched for a picture or diagram
  4. This is what’s on the truck now. Need to see about what screws to adjust under the plate.
  5. I’ll send pic today. The inline pump started the next year model I believe
  6. Yes egt gauge is ordered. I will order a boost gauge now. I will post a picture of the pump a little later today.
  7. I’ve seen some discussions on turning up these pumps. I have a late 82/83 s1900 dump truck. Power is lacking and was wondering what I can do to get another 75hp or so out of it or more if safe... A few questions... I’ve seen talk of adjusting the pump but not a specific picture or diagram of what’s what. Does anyone have a detailed guide on how to do this? A turbo swap may be in the cards if temps soar which is fine but I haven’t seen what a safe amount of boost is on these models. I’ve read different model dt466 have different pistons. How much boost can we run on 100 percent factory engine? What is a direct bolt up turbo that will keep this cool under load? I would prefer not to deal with an intercooler unless absolutely necessary. Is egts the main concern or should I be concerned about the engine handling additional power even if kept cool? Maybe that’s unrealistic loaded without an intercooler.
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