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  1. Anyone know the width of a Westendorf WL 42 loader, inside to inside or center to center?
  2. No doubt the information on Tractordata.com is confusing, that's why I asked. Doesn't matter to me if mine is a 68 or 71, I believe its all original sort of a new clutch this year. just over 5400 hours on the original working tach.
  3. I looked at an IH 856 that had the S-Y but no TA.
  4. This is the tractor I bought, it’s a IH 856, not a custom and the serial number indicates it’s a 71 model. That same serial number would have been used in 68 on a custom, at least according to tractor data.
  5. I understand the differences in the custom, just wondering about the serial numbers and if they used the same number on two different models as the tractor data suggests.
  6. TractorData lists the Farmall 856 as a variant of the IH 856 and the description implies the Farmall 856 were all "Custom" models, is that correct? It seems odd they would classify them as different models, then start both models with the same serial number and yet have such a drastic difference in the serial number sequences going forward. I also understood the Custom was not as common but the serial numbers indicate there were way more Customs produced than IH versions. I know the Custom will have a CU on the data plate but does it mean that they produced an IH 856 and a Custom (Farmall) 856 with the same serial numbers? Does the S-Y behind the serial number mean anything. I ask more for curiosity and my own edification really. I just bought an IH 856, ser 13785 so its a 71 model, but that serial number would have been used in 68 on the Custom version and that just seems odd to me.
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