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  1. Yes, dont think I will be opening it and repairing, but was just curious. It does shift. 2. Gear low doesnt always work. Have to try several times.
  2. Ok. And what does the synchronizer do?
  3. Hi! Found these four pieces in bottom of tranny of my ih mccormick 624 non agromatic. It isnt teeth broken off gear wheels. It is individual pieces chisel shaped approx 12mm long. Could there be more? What are they?
  4. The lever has no problem going to shutoff position when the plunger isnt there. Dont know how to make the spring softer. Cant take the plunger apart. So maybe the solution is to adjust it a few mm backwards and put a mark on the knob where the start position is.
  5. Yes, a wire from a lawn mower or bike is what I ment.
  6. At the moment I have to get off the tractor and move the lever by hand to stop the engine. Maybe the old cable is brittle. Seems to be of hardened steel. Cant drill it out of the metal piece with the knob on. My idea was to put in an old wire. Im not paying 30 dollars for a new stop start cable maybe to have it break again.
  7. The pump is working fine. Just the is hard to push.
  8. I think it is a bosch. I have taken it off and put oil in it, but it is still very ferm to push in. The cable broke because I had to pull hard.
  9. The shutoff plunger on my injection pump is so hard to poll in. It is springe and feel ok. Is it normal that you need to poll hard on start/stop button to stop the engine?
  10. I hope it is later because I dont now how to fix it and having a shop do it is more expensive than buying another old tractor in better condition than this one.
  11. Here is a picture of the amount of leakage the past 5-6 days cold engine. it is dripping from the pto lever above. If there is a simple fix for that, I am all ears cause that would be very nice to be without. Also dont like it dripping when out driving round the pasture and I think it will drip even more when warm.
  12. yes it doesnt have agromatic. 80w90 is a bit thick. but if it does give less leakage and it doesnt hurt the hydraulic pump. I will try it.
  13. IH Mccormick 624 without agromatic if that helps.
  14. Hi! I am a new owner of an ih tractor. bought an old 624. It has leaked quite som oil from the transmission. About 6cm under level. Before taking it out for a test drive I want to fill it up. Can I use 80w90 instead of the hytran? It should be thicker and make the tractor leak less I think.
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