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  1. I would contact Hastings with your dimensions they probably have what you need.
  2. Did you clean up the lube valve yet if not I would start there first if I was you.
  3. I wonder if a dt360 would have fit without the longer hood?
  4. We got a Lucas starter for our 574 diesel before we knew better, and found out the hard way that they turn a lot slower than the delco remy it replaced. We ended up replacing the broken nose cone on our old delco because the lucas wouldn't spin the tractor over fast enough to start it in the winter.
  5. How did it fix the torn decal and the worn through spots on the bellhousing it isn't magic.
  6. I just talked with my dad and he said it is a vacuum actuated governor but they don't work very well. He also said under that round cap is a nut that adjusts the rpm.
  7. My dad's I-12 also has this device on it not sure if it is an actual governor as the throttle linkage hooks directly to the throttle shaft and it sure runs faster than my uncles f-12. It goes down the road faster too. I think it was more of a marketing hype.
  8. I like using a MIG welder on broken off bolts weld a nut on them and turn them out. If the nut keeps snapping off weld a nut to the bolt again and heat the casting up with a cutting torch I have not yet found a bolt that could not be removed with this method. Good luck
  9. Which Winchester model 1894s actually said 1894 on them, my great grandfather's one from 1939 only says model 94 on it not 1894 did they change that at some point or is 1894 just insinuated?
  10. Also from the sound of your clutch issue it is time to redo your mcv valve it sounds like one of the valves is sticking. We had a similar issue like this on our 3388 and the flow control valve had a piece of rubber stuck in it.
  11. Did you change the spin on filter or the 2 cartridge filters that are in the side of the transmission they are on the left side of tractor behind the aluminum cover that the huge suction hose hooks into.
  12. The Dunham-lehr chisel plow looks like the IH one also.
  13. So how big of a cultimulcher can a stock 3588 2+2 handle in heavy soil?
  14. Most hunters around here that I know use either 30-06, 308, 300 Win Mag,270, or 243. I think the most popular around here is 30-06 I know several hunters that use one. We have some pretty decent open areas around here. I have both a 300 Win Mag and a 30-06 my uncle has a 30-06 and my other uncle has a 300 Win Mag. My 300 Win Mag is a Remington 700 long range which weighs 9 pounds alone it kicks the same as my 30-06 Remington 7400. But the 7400 is a lot easier to carry for hours on end.
  15. That weird cause I could have swore the 856 was physically taller but it must be an illusion because our 856 has a cab and the 826 didn't. 🤷‍♂️
  16. The 856 has the taller grill go to google and count the bars on the 856 it has 14 bars, and the 826 has 11 bars. Also look at the cast nose piece. The 856 one is squared off while the 826 one is rounded off now look at the 756 it has only 10 bars. Also the 756 has the rounded off cast nose as well therefore one can conclude that the 856 has the biggest grill while the 826 and 756 grills are smaller otherwise IH would have used the same cast nose they were already making for the 856 would they not?.
  17. How many engines has it gone through?
  18. 826 and the 756 share the same grill and cast radiator housing, the 856 has the taller one, I have been around both before.
  19. Should be on the passenger's side of the truck just behind the rear of the cab on the inside of the frame rail usually the air tank is near it as well.
  20. And if you think the 86 setup was a pain the 2+2s are worse.
  21. Flail choppers are used for fresh chopping silage and feeding it to animals right away usually at least around here that's what most farms used to do. They could also be used in corn stalks or straw to make bedding. I think you could use one for sorghum but I am not certain.
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