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  1. Well that really opened up a can of worms. I've decided to install a keyed ignition switch from a riding lawn mower to kill the ignition and to disconnect the battery to keep the younger kids from pressing the start button and moving the tractor using the starter. I park it outside backed up to wall on flat ground with the loader down. Thank you all for your input. JL Bemidji Mn
  2. I'm a new owner of a 1948 Framall H with a loader. I have 4 kids who want to do everything that dad does, including starting and operating equipment. 2 are old enough to stay home alone in the summer and help out some and 2 are way too young to understand the danger. I'm concerned that the Farmall H only has an on-off switch to start the engine and that they may start the tractor while I'm away and hurt themselves, someone else or destroy something. I've been looking to replace the stock ignition switch with a keyed ignition switch and need help finding a keyed switch that is open circuit while running and closed circuit in the off position to work with the stock mag ignition. Most switches that I see for sale are open in the off position and closed in the on position for battery ignition. What keyed ignition switch works on a Farmall H with the stock magneto ignition? If a switch happens to also prevent me or the kids from leaving the lights on to that would be a plus. I'm currently disconnecting the battery when not in use to prevent the boys from cranking the tractor, but they work with me often and know how to reconnect the battery. What other ignition/starting tricks can be used to kid/theft proof a Farmall H?Can you drill thru the starter button shaft and pad lock it? Pull the coil wire when not in use? Drill the throttle plate and pad lock it in the idle position? Make some sort of Rue Goldburg contraption of relays and dip switches to arm the ignition? On a separate note I am also teaching the kids farm safety and respect for equipment, so spare me the lectures about child rearing. Teaching ages 3 - 12 year old kids doesn't happen overnight where a simple key or disarming ignition/starter tricks can be done in an hour. This is an ounce of prevention to hopefully prevent a pound of cure. Thank You: J.L. Bemidji Mn
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