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  1. Hello... I'm not sure what I would charge to send it out that way. If you are truly interested, It's something I can further explore. Thanks!
  2. Thanks for your reply.. True, its a good looking machine and runs well too. It's too much tractor for me only in that I don't have alot of flat ground and its a big machine to store and something smaller is kindof more appropriate for my needs. Though if I had ample storage space, I would definately keep it around for the cool ass old old tractor factor
  3. Thank you Yes, it is a good looking beast and well cared for. THanks for noticing the radio, thats a pretty cool feature
  4. Thank you for taking the time to reply It is a good looking beast
  5. Ha!! You noticed the cat I wondered who would. Great tip on checking the serial #, I'll do that. It's too wide to fit on car trailer so its not easy to bring around anywhere. So, im not able to move it around easily for shows/parades. Thanks for taking the time to respond. e
  6. Thank you for your insight! Ultimately, yes I am seeking some more info to determine value. The tractor is currently in Northern California by way of the East Coast. It's always been garaged. It would be nice to sell it before winter to open up space for storing other vehicles/equipment inside. I dont know the hours, but it was more of a restoration project than a work tractor at least while he had it. Ive run it for cutting twice, once a year for two years and it runs and brakes and shifts rather easily. Ive actually been surprised how well it handles for such a big tractor. Thanks again !! e
  7. Thank you for your reply!! Yes, I don't really have the right space to continue to store it or the enough use for the machine. She is good looking though
  8. Greetings Farmall Folks... I was gifted this 706 when my uncle passed away as I was the one in the family who still was tending the land. I feel its too much tractor for my needs and am interested in selling it, but don't quite know what I have on my hands. It does run and I have used it a couple times for cutting. Google has such a wide range of info, I thought I would start here to seek some advice. I can send more specific photos also, I recognize this one is very broadstroke. Please excuse my ignorance on the topic of tractors. Thank you
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