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  1. Hello, Thank you for the add. We have ( think a 1970 IH Ground Crawler TD 150 series), a guy down the street put it up for adoption to the first taker and being the lucky one to take it home, I've started to try getting it up and back to working condition. The forum has been a great wealth of information helping to get it together, but I'm stumped with this. A part recently broke that is part of the steering clutch. I tried hunting it up in a few books and not having much luck. Hopefully someone here can give me some insight. I also attached a picture I saw in one of the manuals we found online but it doesn't specifically call it out. Any direction on who to even contact for purchasing one is greatly appreciated! The part is what the shaft sits on and mounts to the chassis. Part picture shows the broken off ear. The manual picture we have no idea where we found it other than from online but it shows what I need, it just doesn't have a callout for what exactly it is.
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