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  1. That's the info I'm looking for. Thanks!
  2. Thanks for your replies, I think I'll purchase the more available seal kits and turn down a new piston based on the dimensions of the seals themselves. Hopefully I will get the ID dimension right without it being too loose and leaking. I would hate to redo it once its together, splitting the track was a real bear. Joel
  3. Hello everyone, new guy here. I picked up a IH 175B S/N 9930 for work around the farm, I'm rebuilding the right front idler assembly and track adjuster. It looks like I have an early type of adjuster (604 307 C91) and it seems that seals are not available. Would any one know if the updated adjuster piston (629 256 C1) will fit in the early style cylinder? Or have any dimensions of the piston to machine? Any comments or suggestions are greatly appreciated.
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