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  1. Thank you for your reply’s guys I will drop the sump and see where it’s coming from. I don’t have a manual but will look for one.
  2. Hi all. long story short, got a 1988 ih 685 4x4. Brought cheap as a project. Starts sounds fine. However haven’t driven it yet properly other than unloading using shuttle lever and parking up. So went to start my exciting project and checked fluids and found radiator dry and rusty, so put coolant and water etc in and came back 4 days later as was busy opened rad cap to find out it was bone dry again. But no leaks. Checked engine oil to find dipstick was over flowing with a watery oil. (Never started either since coolant so no pressure etc) it just sat there and managed to find its way into the sump? removed radiator since to find the bloody thing is full of gunk. And I mean full as in a trickle of water wouldn’t even pass through. The tractor was used only for yard scraper for last ten years and maybe only used for that as he knew there was a problem etc. and never used gears only shuttle, as gear linkage was seized which I have now un seized. any thoughts??
  3. Hi all new to this forum but need help. Have a ih 685 international 1988 and the gear stick and hi/lo stick selector is seized solid, been sat for a while. gears select fine by hand with selector linkages removed, but the actual gear and hi,lo stick will not move forwards or back. Thought penetrating spray would help but nothing. Question....how do I remove the shaft the holds both gear sticks so I can dismantle and grease and replace.
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